The Audi Electric Mountain Bike Review


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Its full name, the Audi Electric Mountain cycle powered by Fantic, gives it away: it’s an XEF Enduro cycle from the Italian brand with an Audi twist.

You might be disappointed if you were hoping for German-made engines or quattro all-wheel-drive systems. But if you like the concept of a custom-built downhill eBike that would look amazing mounted on an Audi e-tron, this is the bike for you.

It comes with a powerful electric hub motor, the Brose S-Mag 250W and a variety of rider-assist settings. Gearing and components from SRAM GX and NX Eagle are neatly housed within a sturdy aluminium frame. The enormous IN.CA.S disk brakes efficiently and safely bring the action to a stop. Ohlins, a Swedish shock manufacturer, is responsible for the front fork’s 180 mm of travel and the rear shock’s TTX 22M design.

It’s a heavy-duty setup for riders who want to take on rugged terrain. The 720Wh lithium-ion battery pack manages the weight effectively and provides an excellent all-electric range, though we still thought the whole thing was too hefty. While it takes design cues from the RS Q e-tron E2 Dakar Rally car, the Audi logo often seems like an afterthought. However, brand loyalists will surely approve.

Availability and Pricing

Following its launch in spring 2023, the Audi Electric Mountain Bike was offered for sale through the OEM’s official online accessory portal. Although no official date was announced for the sales, £8,499 is the original price in the UK, which is approximately $ 10500 or close to AUS$16 000, even without including the projections on taxes, import duty and delivery.

Speaking of which, though it is purported to be one in a limited run of bikes, this bike retails for £5,990 or around $ 7.4 thousand on the UK site – something that can’t be overlooked given its component quality.

The Design of the Audi Electric Mountain Bike

However, Fantic manufactures numerous other types of bikes besides giant and rugged electrified mountain bikes, such as traditional hardtails or enduros downhill trail bikes.

The frame for the Audi e-bike includes hardened aluminium, while there are significant welds seen that will be highly visible in critical locations with high stress. Although some weight is still in this machine with its increased carbon fibre content for the rear triangle, it remains bulky. Although the official weight is from neither Fantic nor Audi, we are confident that after a few trips at the rear bike rack, our knowledge of grossness is above 24 kilograms.

The all-terrain Vittoria tyres and ultra-wide handlebars made this bike even more sturdy, even though it came with FSA bars instead of Renthal’s Fatbar, according to the spec sheet. Secondly, there is a consistent dropper seat post that can easily and quickly release oneself from the seating in descent slopes.

Adopting inspiration from Audi’s current Dakar Rally, the E-ICE uses electric power, has gotten rid of Fantic badges, and now displays in its greys, silver, and red colours. The battery pack has been marked with red and black hatching, the front part of the headstock shows the Four Ring sign, and the cranks are equipped with Audi leather stickers from Audi Sport, while e-tron writing can be seen. So, no one ever would mix this up for anything but an Audi.

Despite the mysterious Future is an Attitude emblem on the chainstays, where it appears as a sticker of unknown origin, perhaps because HEAD has lost ownership of its history in some manner, there is, however, something familiar, at least from among other currents that race on tampered with top tube sports bicycles (boy racers), especially around life cycle paths. Also, part of the stickering indeed was applied after the fact.


As with most e-bikes on sale today, the electric motor offered here only assists at speeds of up to 15.5mph: nothing beyond that and the electric motor indicates a drop of power.

However, this isn’t your approaching town and speeding spare tyre bike for street riders because it is equipped with 90Nm of torque value while this motor is more than capable of enabling their rider a pressure-free ascending to serious uphills section, offering chances at spending tons of business time on fun factor focus which primary lies include downhill.

The rider can appreciate four assistance modes, customized simply by pressing switches on a small colour screen mounted to the bars. This also ensures the battery display remains with information on residual battery levels, current speed and distance travelled.

The power delivery is the force generated by the amount of torque, which translates to crank levels and rider RPM. During Eco and Tour modes, the electric system will provide barefaced help to squeeze the last mile out of the battery pack – which can be removed or once on stage. Sport and Boost were letting loose with all the power, which pretty much amounted to scattering thoroughly any dry surface at some speed.

The Audi Downhill bike is a sight to behold as its wide bars, slack headtube angle and lining on extended, low chassis are design marks for downhill/endurance bikes, and it perfectly fits into such trails. It is also easy to travel on, but we wouldn’t say this would be perfect for touring- it is the wrong weight and not about the values of a rider who likes to ride.

In addition, the Audi electric motorcycle, in partnership with Fantic, is another excellent example of how we can provide a wider mobility choice for customers that surpasses the prize-winning models they drive in terms of quality.

Should you buy it?

You should buy it if mountain riding at a high altitude is something you crave.

This is the one that will not just take you downhill relaxing all day long touring, but instead, it has a massive ski height and reliable SRAM components, as well as incorporating enormous stopping power.

While on the move, nobody can suppress, paying attention to menacing Audi’s identity. What you are looking for is the qualitative portions. It may be a branding stunt, but behind those ostentatious decals is a superior bike with fantastic suspension, gearing and braking mechanics.

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