The Finals Chaos and World Tour Updates


The Finals is a newly released FPS, area style game where the setting is a ‘game show’ with teams competing to cash out an amount of money from various large maps to win. It was released on December 7th of last year and was quickly trending on twitch most watched and had gained a large player base. But it lost a large chunk and fell off just as quickly due to late updates which made the majority of the streamers shift back to their other titles.

They recently announced the launch of season 3 which will commence on the 13th of June 2024 with a huge set of updates and weekly events as a push to regain that lost player base and this time try to retain it.

Okay, so Death Threats..?

This was seen and told by some developers after the release of the season 3 trailer for The Finals, a majority of players were disheartened at the change of the Ranked Mode being changed from Cash out to Terminal Attack and as always with a change that players do not like there will be some unsavory characters taking it too far, such as sending death threats to the developers of the game they play.

This is not something new but at the same it SHOULD NEVER be normalized, especially without knowing the truth. Terminal Attack was changed a lot for season 3 of the game. They specifically tried to make it as new player friendly in anticipation of new players tuning on to the game, we don’t know what the changes are, other than the aforementioned, but that does not mean just because the current version of the game mode isn’t liked, vile hate should be directed towards the developers without context.

At various moments during the 2 days of uproar from the community, one of the developers chimed in to provide that the current version of Terminal Attack isn’t going to be there in season 3 but that was likely drowned out by a huge chunk of players just bashing the developers for this change.

Becoming toxic to a change isn’t the response that would encourage developers to undo or rework said change, add to the fact that the game got reviewed bombed too it kinda feels similar to the reaction faced by the developers of Helldivers’, but that was justified, this was solely a  part of the community of passionate players being childish in the name of being ‘passionate’.

New Updates on the World Tour Events!

There are new updates to the World Tour events by a video posted by The Finals you tube channel, the events which will feature 3 maps and likely be how it was with the cash out rank mode of the last 2 seasons but this time players will be rewarded ranks on how much money they have cashed out, with ranks of Bronze, Silver and Gold given out respectfully. Achieving any rank in the world tour will reward the player with MB (Multi bucks, the in-game currency) which is a lot of incentive for players to participate in these events, Bronze will receive 50 MB, Silver will receive 100 MB and Gold players will receive 150 MB.

This along with the fact that the host of the video, Oscar, hinted at a secret rank after Gold saying, ‘Envy is green’, this builds on the speculation that players were led on to there being a ‘Ruby’ rank for season 3 but in actuality it was always going to be ‘Emerald’ rank which would represent the most skilled players of the game.

There will also be a separate World Tour contract set, just like what was introduced in season 2 of the game, which will reward players with a huge boost to XP upon completion of each contract thus allowing players to complete their battle pass faster and will also likely have rewards on completion of the circuits as well. The regular career circuits will be making a return containing exclusive skins for those who can complete it, providing players with even more incentive to play.

This is Going to be Huge

With so much hype building for season 3, the new Japanese themed map and weapons, these changes to rank and the addition of the World Tour events it is more clear than ever that Embark Studios(the developers) are trying to go all in. As mentioned before the point is for more players to get incentivized to play the game, for streamers to put in on the ‘most watched’ games on Twitch and for more content creators to feature the game. This feels like the precipice of what could become a huge title in the future and it’s clear Embark knows this. It could stand alongside other major FPS shooters in the genre and yet also stand out.

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