The Finals Season 2: A Game-Changer or Glitch in the System?


Nexon launched The Finals last fall, taking over the gaming community. The Finals is an immersive free-to-play co-op shooter game. Due to its fast-paced action, fun maps, and diverse character classes, gamers indulged themselves in The Finals.

Now, Season 2 has arrived, promising a wealth of new content to keep the players on the edge of their seats. Season 2 revolves around a glitch in the system. The game show is infiltrated with hacks, and the showrunners need to decipher the hacker’s cryptic messages. However, one thing is definitely clear: the show must go on!

The CNS and the Broken Simulation

Season 2 throws the player into a chaotic twist in the lore. The infamous corporation that took over the game is known as CNS. They are a group of rogue hackers that infiltrated the simulation.

This season, the story seems more organized and has a proper plot compared to the previously ambiguous backstory.

The CNS has introduced a new map for the players to enjoy, known as SYS$HORIZON. The new map is a combination of colorful, glitchy cityscape. It is almost like you are lost in a modernized matrix. The map is scattered with floating geometric shapes. Everything feels more vibrant during the night mode. Moreover, the map embodies lo-fi cityscape drawings with neon pink and purple overshadowing other colors.

Power Shift and the Shifting Sands of Combat

Power Shift is the new playstyle that Nexon added in Season 2. This new playstyle has a 5v5 mode where two teams compete in a central platform that constantly moves across the map. Moreover, the physical platform also rips through anything in its path, so players definitely need to be careful.

Whichever team controls the platform first grants them a steady path to victory. However, if the other team powers up, the narrative can change anytime. According to the trailer, the Power Shift looks like an absolutely chaotic map. It will give players the thrill and determination to further polish their skills.

New Weapons and Gadgets for Different Playstyles

Season 2 also expands the player’s arsenal collection with exciting new tools to deal with the glitch in the system. Three new weapons are entering the loadout this season:

FAMAS: This is a burst-fire assault rifle that is suitable for medium build. The rifle is perfect for crowd control as it can retain damage even at a more extended range.

93R: It is a burst-fire handgun for the light loadouts. The handgun fires in 3 round bursts, and it is absolutely a beast for close combat.

KS-23: The KS-23 is a slug-round shotgun for the heavy build. Of course, it will have the most significant damage. All you need to do is master the weapon, and you will be destroying everything.

Specialization: Refining Your Champion

Nexon also added several specializations to refine your builds. The specialization can help to lead interesting team composition and strategic diversity. Moreover, this specialization will also help players entirely survive Power Shift’s chaos.

  • Dematerializer: Imagine if you can pass through solid surfaces like walls. This new specialization for medium build allows players to erase physical surfaces. Dematerializer will temporality erase walls or ceilings where players can shoot or use it as a portal. Each action costs one charge, and the Dematerializer can hold up to 3 charges at once.
  • Gateway: This is another portal-like specialization but for Light builds. When the Gateway is thrown, the contestant and the object can move between two locations. The portal is visible to everyone, but they cannot shoot through them. Of course, you cannot try to sneak in at cashout stations!
  • Anti-Gravity Cube: This specialization is for Heavy build that manipulates gravity. When the cube is activated, everything around starts floating! This can be a fun and annoying distraction for the enemy team. However, if anyone destroys the cube, the anti-gravity will wear off.
  • Data Reshaper: The Data Reshaper will transform any object into other contestants or arena props to throw off the enemy team. This specialization is for medium build.

Private Matches

Nexon added their first version for Private Matches, allowing players to hone their skills with friends or another unique team. The players will be able to organize matches with a minimum of six friends to play Bank It or QuickCash. Nexon also said:

“We plan to expand this tool throughout the season with more features, so stay tuned! As with everything, we’ll rely on your experiences and your feedback. So don’t forget to give it a try!”

Weekly Grind or Rewarding Journey? The Career Circuit

Of course, Battle Pass can be a tad bit expensive for some players, but don’t worry, Career Circuit is also there to get all the rewards. If you fulfill the career page, you will get a free gift weekly, which will also count towards your Battle Pass progress.

“Each week, a new set of contracts will unlock in the career menu. These allow contestants cash in contracts and earn free rewards! At the end of each weekly set will be a sponsored prize. You’ll be able to fulfill contracts at your own leisure, but you’ll need to wait for each new circuit to unlock throughout the entire length of the season. The Career Circuit can increase your skill and coax you into trying a variety of new things throughout the season!”


The Finals Season 2 feels more vibrant, immersive, and chaotic. This update really shows the developer’s effort and dedication towards the game. Players will definitely enjoy the new map, weapons, and specialization. If you still haven’t tried The Finals, then this is the peak time to try it out with your friends!

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