The Finals  is a free-to-play, multiplayer, area-shooter with a ‘game show’ aesthetic that was shadow dropped on December 7th during The Game Awards 2023. It was well received and did reach the top of streaming on Twitch for a while, but it did fall off with a dwindling player base until season 2 dropped until March 14th of this year which released and concentrated the player count for it.

The Developers who previously worked on the battlefields titles are very engaging with the player always keeping trying to accommodate and keep interesting for everyone to play. Case in point there is a lot of easter egg discussion and with small story trailers revealing little by little the world of The Finals.

What We Getting This Time?

The 2nd season had introduced 3 new weapons for the three classes, those being a 3-round burst pistol for Lights, 3-round burst rifle for Mediums and a Slug projectile shotgun for the Heavy class along with some new gadgets to change and play around with.

That seems to be the trend with the upcoming season 3. This time the theme is a Japanese samurai style with a new map called ‘Kyoto 1568’ featuring Japanese buildings but in an arena style just like with the map ‘$y$ Horizon’ of season 2.

Going along with the theme we will be getting weapons fitting the timeline, Lights will be getting a bow called the ‘Recurve Bow’ which is described to be a ‘high-skill, medium-to-long range weapon that shows arrows in a curved arc’ along with a new gadget called the ‘Thermal Bore’ which is a long range, high cooldown tactical breaching charge which would be useful the sniper players out there

There will be a melee spear weapon for the Heavies shown with a spin and a long range stab, it will deal less damage than the Heavy class’ Sledge Hammer but is faster and more nimble. Heavy class will also get a new specialization which is a lunging chain that can stun and hook players in close for high damaging melee attacks .

The Mediums will be getting a new melee weapon too which are the dual katanas which have wide reaching and forward momentum attacks along with being able to deflect incoming bullets.

The trailer also showed off new skins and cosmetics that will release with season 3 which means we’ll be introduced to new ‘Sponsors’ which are companies that play a role in the overarching plot of the game.

New Bi-Weekly Events!

Season 3 will introduce ‘World Tour events’ series which as stated will be bi-weekly that will feature a mix of loadouts, locations and rewards and the chance to climb a leaderboard, through bronze, silver or gold tiers to earn Multibucks(in-game currency) by the end of the season.

A Change in Rank Modes

One of the developers, Oscar did explain that Terminal Attack which was introduced as a new game mode in season 2 will be the Ranked Mode to play and also be available in the ‘World Tour’ events. Terminal Attack will become the new ranked game mode instead of Cashout in the new season. Along with that they are likely to introduce a higher rank after Diamond which is the Ruby Rank much like with League of Legends’ rank “Challenger” or Apex Legends’ Apex Predator Rank.


It’s very clear they are going much bigger in season 3 than how it was in season 2, we don’t have a new game mode but the developers have made a host of changes and introduced more incentive to play the game with the ‘World Tour’ events which would reward players with in game currency along with regular battle pass which would also reward players with the currency too.

It seems the developers are trying to figure out a way to sustain a way bigger player base and they might succeed in doing so since they introduced a lot of new ways to play and earn their amazing looking cosmetics and weapon skins and potentially earn them through sheer skill.

Overall it’s safe to say these changes will likely bring The Finals back into the spotlight and hopefully keep it there, it may bring in new players to experience and grow its current player base with features being brought in with these new modes and ideas.

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