The Future of Large-Screen Displays: TCL QD-Mini LED


It is clear that the world of television technology is advancing at a fast pace and making new and innovative changes is very much a reality as there is a new technology known as QD-Mini LED technology. Therefore, TCL which is a pioneer of this market has successfully integrated different aspects of QLED and OLED technologies in a new generation product. QD-Mini LED could be the reason for large-screen displays’ preferred solution due to the following examinations.

QD-Mini LED: The Next Generation

QD-Mini LED they said is the future of television technology. Therefore, when TCL merges the QLED technology of QD and the refined backlighting of Mini LED, it has developed the most effective type of screen. This innovation enables very accurate control of light to a near pixel level; thus, the advantages of brightness, the contrast ratios, and colour accuracy.

 Why Mini LED is Preferred

Mini LED technology is quickly gaining the consumers’ acceptance and it is projected that it will overtake OLED by 2024. Why? Mini LED has several advantages in contrast to conventional leds and oleds: increased efficiency, brightness, contrast, as well as service life.

TCL’s Innovation in QD-Mini LED

Indeed TCL has been the pioneer in Mini LED technology after launching the world’s first QD-Mini LED TV referred to as X10 in 2019. Yearly, TCL unveils its new innovations that, more often than not, redefine the possibilities of Mini LED.

 Ultra-High Brightness and Contrast

What can be said about TCL’s QD-Mini LED TVs, one of the most apparent features is that they maximal brightness reaches 5000 nits. This means you can get unbelievably bright and active pictures even when you are in well lit rooms. The TVs also boast an ultra-high contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1, giving the deepest blacks and brightest whites for the ultimate viewing pleasure.

 Stunning Color Gamut

Currently TCL QD-Mini LED TVs are able to deliver 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut that more or less is the standard of digital cinemas. This will allow you to look at all the colors in the way which was originally intended by the content creator – amazingly accurately, and as vivid as possible.

Longevity and Durability

Hence, these TVs are long-lasting TVs, which may last up to 10 years. This durability, coupled with incredible performance makes them ideal for anybody who is serious about their home entertainment system.

 Superior Picture Quality

Compared to the OLED and LED type of TVs in the market, Mini LED TVs have a better picture quality. The higher resolution capacity is resulting in better image quality, natural color and even defocusing in every scene.

 The All-domain Halo Control Technology of TCL

All-domain Halo Control Technology granted by TCL regulates light on the screen to avoid the caste effect that is often seen around illuminated objects against black backdrop. In this aspect, this technology increases the general acceptability of the view so that its disruption is minimal.

 Six-Crystal Light-Emitting Chip

Classic TVs have single core light-emitting chips while TCL’s QD-Mini LED TVs has a six-crystal light-emitting chips. This innovation leads to enhancement of brightness by 27. 5 percent and energy efficiency by 30. 2 percent and so achieving a better brightness and energy saving of the display.

 Wide-Angle Even-Light Lens

The enlarged even light wide angle lens of TCL is available with a dual-layer arch bridge construction to provide even light on the screen. This increases the fitness of the backlight uniformity by 60. 63% and results in a clearer image as compared to the previous design.

 Micro-Optical Distance Technology

Micro-Optical Distance(Micro-OD) technology helps in making TCL’s QD-Mini LED TVs thinner as well as increasing the quality of the image. Mini LED-backlit TVs are affected by the halo effect, and this technology solves it for better picture details.

 Transient Response and Bidirectional 16 -bit

Backlight lag is handled through a non-permanent duration in TCL’s TVs that enhances picture quality when viewing a fast-moving scene. The bidirectional 16-bit technology which can be up to 65, 000 means that there is accurate control of lighting leading to good and colorful pictures.

 CrystGlow Screen

The CrystGlow screen is introduced with the nanoscale bionic structure which increases contrast rate and slashes screen reflections by five times. This technology is very useful in ensuring that all the details are visible and very clear especially when working in well lit areas.


TCL QD-Mini LED technology is simply changing the landscape of large screen displays. Therefore, this full review of the TCL QLED & OLED technology is a TV that boasts of high brightness, contrast, accurate color, and product long life. For the ultimate in television technology, TCL has introduced their QD-Mini LED TVs.

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