The Nikon Zf has finally arrived – Your Retro Camera Awaited!


Is this new Nikon that hit the market a Fujifilm killer?

That is, for the past couple of months we have been writing about Nikon Zf rumors and the Nikon full-frame retro mirrorless camera has people all hyped up. Is this a threat to Fujifilm? Well, now it is official and having seen the device prior to its official unveiling in my Nikon Zf hands-on review and based on my experience with the camera, I do think that yes, it could have the beating off Fujifilm… in the long run.

Being in many aspects similar to the Nikon Z6 II it features a similar 24. It features a 5MP full-frame sensor, not the Z7 II tech we were expecting and a smattering of Nikon Z8 nous in there too, as well as a few firsts, such as AI-powered steadiness and the like.

The more expensive Zf is what the Nikon Zfc should have been to start with, though this low-cost APS-C pioneer has its place – and is more potent and cerebral than the Nikon Df retro DSLR. It is a beautiful full-frame mirrorless camera inspired by the profession Nikon FM2 SLR camera that cameras from Sony cannot imitate. Now it is time to consider what I believe will make the Zf popular with many people the first is the design.

 It’s About the Feeling

Holding both the Nikon Zf and Nikon Zfc in the same location before the Nikon Zf has ever launched globally, one can easily identify that the two models are not very distinct. The styling of the retro and analog-styled cameras is extremely close, the size and button placement are nearly identical, and the body material feels almost the same too. However, there are indeed, and the Zf rediscovers the famous Nikon FM2 much closer to the original.

 Design and Build Quality

I found that the Zf is physically larger than the Zfc, and the admittedly larger viewfinder display is a little easier to look into; there is a small raised bump for a handgrip that provides a tiny purchase. An optional ‘‘handgrip’’ will be provided as well.

The body itself consists of a magnesium alloy top and front panel, which makes the Zf a shade more robust than the somewhat cheap-feeling Zfc, while the cameras, again, are similar. And when it comes to video shooting, the Zf feature a headphone jack for sound check (besides the mic input); yes, the Zfc is one port short here. These things sum up to a wonderful cinematography and the Zf is the camera for fans of FM2 and for people who shoot the street primarily.

 Hands-On Experience

Theon shutter speed dial has a thread for screwing in a cable release – that’s truly old school. The shutter speed and ISO dials on the top plate are made of brass and, according to the Nikon team, will patina to give that beautiful bronze colour when heavily used. That, I am looking forward to.

 Tech Specs and Features

The Nikon Zf came with the same 24. 5MP full-frame sensor as in the Nikon Z6 II to provide consumers with high-quality images with rather sharp detail. Another is the Intelligent Tracking that assists in vibration suppression; this is particularly useful when shooting at night. This camera also combines some features of the Nikon Z8, which creates a solid shooting experience.

 Retro Styling

A interesting addition is the B&W (black and white) mode on the photo/video switch which is located Under the beautiful shutter-speed dial. Indeed, one might have expected this modulation to appear as excessive – why not change the color profile by accessing the menu? However, when you think of the camera designs with a vintage touch like the Fujifilm models against which the Nikon Zf is competing with, where the JPEG images and videos can be captured with the help of Fujifilm’s film simulation looks, then the direct B & W access is quite logical.

 Black and White Mode

That is, it is quick switch and three branded B/W styles; brand-new flat monochrome and deep-tone monochrome. This feature will suit the photographers that love black and white and unlike now with having to dive through submenus, it is within the first reach.

Lenses and Compatibility

What is unfortunately still missing in Nikon’s Z system – and I pointed this out two years ago when the Zfc was introduced – is Nikon Z mirrorless lenses for free. Currently, there are just two prime lenses with the retro look, and they include the Nikkor Z 28mm f/2. 8 SE but neither has the aperture control ring to complement the camera’s ISO and the shutter speed dials; there is only one control ring that is primarily used for focus.

 Price and Value

Starting at $2,299 body only, Nikon Zf is costlier than some competitors but offers quite a lot of features. Still, in light of its powerful set of features, traditional appearance, and the fact that it is a full-frame rig, buyers will obtain a relatively good worth, at least, it will suit the photographers who regard the contemporary complex with affection for the classics.

 Comparisons with Fujifilm

However, in the segment of mirrorless cameras inspired by cinema and analog photography, one could see Nikon lagging far behind Fujifilm, whose film simulation color options are currently 20 since the advent of the Fujifilm GFX100II, and stirs significant controversy on the Net that cameras of the brand, such as the Fujifilm X100V are out of stock.

For a long time, Nikon has had a nothing special and quite boring color profiles selection until the present day. In the Zf, there are three B & W styles, new and classic, flat monochrome, and deep-tone monochrome, which can be switched in the quick switch area.


The Nikon Zf is, without doubt, a new star within the retro mirrorless cameras’ world. Offering a packed feature-set including a 24. 5MP full-frame sensor, AI-enabled vibration reduction, and a classic design reminiscent of the Nikon FM2 it is an enticing smart choice for photographers who are looking for that blend between the old and the new. It has certainly grown to compete with Fujifilm products and even provides a rather different option for casual shooting.

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