The Ultimate Showdown: Insta360 Ace vs Ace Pro Explained


The Ultimate Showdown: Insta360 Ace vs Ace Pro Explained

Insta360’s recent models, the Ace and Ace Pro, have been drawing a lot of attention in the field of action cameras as they feature the latest technologies and provide great performance. Knowledge about the differences between these two models is extremely important because you will be in the market for your next action camera. In this detailed guide, we will open the disparity between the Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro, thus allowing you to make well informed choice that is in line with your imaging ambitions.


Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro are the proof of the evolution of action cam technology which comes with built-in functions to make you shooting more comfortable. Nonetheless, the shoppers come out to look for differences between the two and see which one meets up with their needs. Today, let’s discover the unique features of the Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro.

Key Differences

Maximum Video Resolution

The noticeable feature of any action camera is its ability to take images that are exceptional in quality and clarity. This domain is captured by the Ace Pro as it supports 8K resolution thereby setting a new bar for the videography lovers. On the other hand, while the Ace is equally remarkable, with its 6K resolution, it is destined for users who value high quality footage but who are not yet ready to face the 8K realm.

Sensor Size

Sensor size is important for the performance of the camera, especially in the case of low light situations. The Ace Pro totes a beefier 1/1.3″ sensor that can excel in low-light conditions while delivering staggering visuals with unrivalled sharpness. On the contrary, the Ace has a smaller 1/2″ sensor that performs fine but can’t compete with the Ace Pro’s performance in tough scenarios.


This is the function of the lens, which is a window to the world guiding the sharpness and the depth of the photography. The Ace Pro by Insta360 is in a class of its own thanks to its Leica lens which provides unparalleled optical precision and sharpness. Through this top class lens clarifying, the visual storytelling experience is elevated, each frame appearing sharp and detailed. In the meantime, Ace has the default lens supplied with it that performs well but hardly comes close to the Pro’s lens.

Fast Charging Capability

Fast charging is the most sought after feature by modern videographers who want an uninterrupted filming session as time is a valuable commodity in the present world. Insta360 Ace Pro meets this need whereby it endorses quick charging and therefore, enables users to recharge their batteries and continue with their exploration mission swiftly. Alternatively, the Ace thrives when it comes to the battery life aspect but falls behind when it comes to fast charging, unlike its Pro sister.


In the meanwhile, the appeal of the behind the cutting-edge features is very high but the amount of budget sometimes decide the buying decision. The Ace Pro, as the premium option, charges a buying price around US$499.99. As opposed to this, the Ace gives a relatively cheaper option at around US$409.99, which brings it within reach of a wider group of those keen on photography. On the other side, it is crucial to balance the product’s features with price to find the perfect value proposition to address your investment needs.


The instantaneous cam meets both aesthetics and functionality in the insta360’s Ace and Pro. Both the models are excellent in creating the sense of efficiency as they have the minimalist design that features the elegant lines and small sizes which mean that the portability and versatility are guarantied. The only difference between the one plus ace pro and the sister of the ace is the Leica logo on the lens and a minimally larger front screen. The models have the same dimensions (71.9 x 52.15 x 38.5 mm) and weight (179.8 grams). The model accommodates a high-quality 2.4″ flip touchscreen interface which eases user navigation and provides flexible framing for mesmerizing videos.

Video Quality

The process of filmmaking drives the technology embedded within Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro aiming for cinematic quality. Turning to wake-up-fast processors and modern imaging algorithms, the same cameras reset the level of videography recording. The visuals of the Ace Pro in an 8K display are quite breath-taking, elevating the cinema experience to a whole new level, clearing the traditional boundaries and bringing yet undiscovered abilities in storytelling. At the same time, the Ace performs impressively in 6K resolution and brings the image quality and affordability into a precisely balanced position.

Just resolution of video in addition to dynamic range and motion enhancements, Active HDR is supported by both models to create the ultimate gaming experience. Meanwhile, the Ace Pro instantly integrates Active HDR into the workflow, thus providing the real-time visualization of improved details and stabilization, whereas Ace presents it as a special mode, but the users can toggle the HDR on before recording. In addition to that, Leica lens in the Pro version of Ace along with its F/2.6 aperture allows more light dispersion and accordingly results in more vivid and bright photos in comparison to the standard lens with F/2.4 aperture in the basic model.


The Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro go beyond the realm of typical action cameras, coming out with a number of features to help shooters and content makers better do their job. FlowState Stabilization technology at its heart creates a buttery-smooth clip even in the trickiest shooting setups. The philosophy of versatility is adopted in both models: they are the pioneers of the FreeFrame video mode that allows users to export video with any part of the picture maintaining its integrity.

Voice Control and Gesture Control are the precursors of hands-free operation which will lead into a new age in which no user will be limited and no creative power limited. The AI Highlights Assistant streamlines the editing process by selecting the key moments from your footage automatically, the AI Warp technique brings the generative AI superpower to video editing to make your videos look various.

One of the greatest features of the Insta360 ecosystem is the Unique Stats Dashboard, which is a mark of the company’s dedication to reforming for good and putting the user first. It is through this function which integrates data from Garmin devices and Apple watches either on the fly or in the process of making the videos, that the users can decorate their videos with GPS data and speed levels as they are watching to create outstanding visual stories that go beyond traditional boundaries.

Battery Life

The durability of a battery influences how fit the camera is for use during missions or shoots that might be long and demanding. Insta360 Ace has a battery capacity of 1700mAh which provides for extended usage without recharge a lot often. However, the Ace Pro is twisted slightly by its 1650 mAh battery but balances it by being fast charge-capable.

Ace Pro brings in a new level to the user experience by quick charging the battery from 0% to 80% in 22 minutes and completely charging it within 46 minutes, which is amazing. Contrary to this, the Ace utilizes the established charging guidelines and charges its batteries in about 70 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Hanging in the air of the complex world of the action camera options, the Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro differ by a delicate balance between features, performance and budget concerns.

The Ace Pro is hailed as the champion among the videographers that seek for unparalleled quality, by outperforming other devices with its 8K resolution, excellent sensor, and the fast charging feature sets new standards of excellence. On the other hand, the Ace can be a tempting choice for consumers who still value performance in instances when price matters more.


1. Is Insta360 Ace Pro worth the extra cost?

Absolutely! With its superior features, including 8K resolution and fast charging, the Ace Pro offers unparalleled value for discerning videographers.

2. Can Insta360 Ace withstand extreme temperatures?

Indeed, both the Ace and Ace Pro exhibit robust construction, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -20°C, making them ideal companions for outdoor adventures in any season.

3. How long does it take to charge Insta360 Ace Pro?

Insta360 Ace Pro revolutionizes the charging experience, allowing users to achieve an 80% charge in just 22 minutes, with a full charge cycle completed in 46 minutes.

4. What is the advantage of the Leica lens in Insta360 Ace Pro?

The Leica lens, renowned for its optical precision, enhances image clarity and sharpness, imbuing your footage with unparalleled visual fidelity and depth.

5. Does Insta360 Ace support slow-motion video capabilities?

Absolutely! Both the Ace and Ace Pro boast the capability to capture stunning slow-motion videos up to 4K/120 fps, enabling users to immortalize every fleeting moment with breathtaking detail and clarity.


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