The used car that the whole of the Netherlands wants cannot be found

The used car that the whole of the Netherlands wants cannot be found

With the escalating costs of new cars, the demand for used cars has surged. However, not every pre-owned vehicle is easily marketable. Data from Automotive inVentions, which includes AutoTrack and Gas, reveals that Volkswagen stands out as the most sought-after brand in the Netherlands.

The determination of the most coveted used car in the Netherlands is based on search patterns, with all data collected in 2023. On average, prospective buyers in the Netherlands are searching for a used car priced between 19,000 and 20,000 euros. Interestingly, in December, the average search price dropped to 17,400 euros.

Surprisingly, the Netherlands’ preferred used car comes in at a lower cost than the average search price. The Volkswagen Golf emerges as the favorite, with a preference for a gray hue and a five-door hatchback. Automatic transmission is favored over manual, and the preferred fuel type is petrol. Ideally, the mileage should be less than 100,000 kilometers, and the price should not exceed 15,000 euros. A notable favorite among Dutch drivers is the inclusion of a towbar.

However, finding a Volkswagen Golf that meets all these criteria, particularly in gray, proves to be a challenge. Excluding color, only three used cars in the Netherlands meet these specifications. Securing a gray Volkswagen Golf with the desired features within the specified budget is virtually impossible, as there were only six such cars listed on in 2023.


In a nation obsessed with finding the perfect used car, the elusive vehicle continues to evade even the most determined of searchers. Despite extensive efforts and widespread interest, this sought-after car remains an enigma, leaving many frustrated and disappointed. The scarcity of this particular model has sparked a fervent debate among car enthusiasts, with some questioning its very existence. However, the collective pursuit for this coveted car is a testament to the passion and determination of the Dutch people. As we continue our quest for the unattainable, let us remain hopeful that one day, this fabled car will emerge from obscurity and into the eager hands of its devoted admirers.

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