Thermaltake TGM-I27FQ: Seamless Connectivity for Ultimate Performance


There are already a lot of good game monitors on the market besides the Thermaltake TGM-I27FQ. Thermaltake’s first game monitor is here. Because it has great specs and features, this 27-inch screen is great for professional 1440p games. You can get a good idea of where this game monitor fits in the already very crowded market by reading this in-depth review. It looks at its build, speed, and features.

Performance and Specifications

A lot of the people who buy the TGM-I27FQ are very good gamers. It has a 27-inch screen that moves at 165Hz and reacts in 1ms, which is very fast. It won’t blur too much because these specs are better than what most 1440p game TVs can handle. The games will be simple to play. The colors are more true to life and the field of view is wider thanks to the cutting edge Fast IPS screen. This will make games even better.

Image Quality

With a brightness level of 400 nits and an amazing contrast ratio of 1000:1, the TGM-I27FQ shows pictures that are both bright and very clear. More than 95% of the DCI-P3 color range is covered, which is way more than what was expected in terms of color accuracy. After a lot of testing, we saw that it not only covered the whole sRGB color range, but also 96% of DCI-P3. That made it the best in its class and showed that the picture was better.


With its angular stand and beautiful RGB lights, the TGM-I27FQ is truly stunning in how it was made to meet the needs of players. Anyone who wants a smaller setting might not like how big the stand is, even though it looks nice. But its cleverly adjustable hinge lets you place it in a multitude of ways. You can change the screen’s height, tilt, and swivel, and it’s also very easy to switch to portrait mode. Also, an integrated cable shroud makes it easier to keep the area clean and takes care of cable management problems.

Key Features

There are a lot of cool features on the TGM-I27FQ, like a unique logo projector and RGB lights that can be changed. There’s no doubt that the projector adds style to the gaming setup, but some users may wish it had more customization choices. The RGB lighting, which can be accessed through the OSD, has a lot of colors and effects, but it doesn’t have any software that lets you change them even more, which could be seen as a small problem. Also, having a KVM switch makes switching between devices easier, which makes sets with multiple devices much more usable.


HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Type-C, and USB Type-A ports are just a few of the ways you can connect to the TGM-I27FQ. This lets you connect to many devices and meet everyone’s wants. The USB-C port can only send 15W of power, but it still lets laptops that are compatible join with just one cable. It does have some built-in limits, though. Also, it can be used with many different setups because it has many ports. This makes the audio and video quality better to meet the needs of modern games and multimedia experiences.

Price and Value

There are better tools out there than the TGM-I27FQ, which costs $339.99. Currently, it’s challenging to compete with other products in the same area. Spending money on it is a good idea because it works quickly and has lots of useful features. Simply put, it works really well. Some high-end features, like HDR local dimming, are missing, but most people looking for game monitors will still think it’s fine. The computer was made to be used for games, plain and simple. It’s so much better because it has a switch for the keyboard, mouse, and monitor (KVM) and a stand that can be moved. These two pieces are both part of the item. This item comes with both of these pieces of tools already built in. People who like to play games and need a machine with a good mix of cheap parts that can also do a lot of work should get this one. Video game players now have a lot of options.

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In the very competitive market for mid-range game monitors, the Thermaltake TGM-I27FQ stands out as a strong contender. A beautiful design, great speed, and lots of useful features make it a great choice. You can change a lot of things about it, and it comes with useful extras like the KVM switch that make it a great choice for gamers who want to build a 1440p gaming setup. The TGM-I27FQ does have a few small issues, such as not having many customization options and power supply problems, but for the price, it’s a good product all around. There are a lot of monitors on the market right now, but the TGM-I27FQ stands out as a clear winner for gamers who want a screen that works well and looks good.

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Thermaltake TGM-I27FQ: Seamless Connectivity for Ultimate Performance
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