These are the 10 most reliable car makes and models

These are the 10 most reliable car makes and models

Every year, numerous global studies examine the reliability of automobiles, with Dutch researchers also scrutinizing the dependability of various car brands. In collaboration with seven international associations, the Consumers’ Association conducted research based on feedback from 30,000 motorists, revealing the ten most reliable car brands.

Unlike the previous ranking where Suzuki claimed the top spot, this time, Lexus emerges as the most reliable car brand, boasting a rating of 9.6, closely followed by Suzuki with a commendable second place.

The reliability standings are as follows:

1. Lexus – 9.6

2. Suzuki – 9.0

3. Subaru – 8.9

4. Toyota – 8.6

5. Kia/Smart – 8.5

6. Honda – 8.3

7. Mitsubishi – 8.3

8. Nissan – 8.1

9. BMW/DS Automobiles – 8.0

10. Mazda – 8.0

Unsurprisingly, Japanese and Korean brands continue to dominate the list, reaffirming their reputation for reliability.

Moving on to individual models, the research highlights the Lexus NX as the most reliable car, with the Audi Q2 and Ford Puma securing second and third places, respectively.

Top-ranking models and their reliability scores:

1. Lexus NX ’14-’21 – 9.9

2. Audi Q2 ’16-now – 9.5

3. Ford Puma ’19-now – 9.5

4. Honda CR-V ’18-now – 9.5

5. Nissan Qashqai ’21-now – 9.5

6. Suzuki Ignis ’17-now – 9.5

7. Toyota RAV-4 ’18-present – 9.5

8. Lexus CT200H ’10-’20 – 9.4

9. Mazda CX-30 ’19-now – 9.4

10. Toyota Corolla ’18-now – 9.4



The reliability of a car is a crucial factor for many consumers, and choosing a dependable make and model can help ensure a more satisfying ownership experience. After reviewing the 10 most reliable car makes and models, it is clear that there are several standout options across different vehicle categories. Whether it’s a compact sedan or a rugged SUV, these top performers have earned their reputation for longevity and minimal maintenance needs. By considering these options when car shopping, consumers can make more informed decisions and feel confident in their choice of vehicle. Ultimately, prioritizing reliability can lead to peace of mind on the road and save money in the long run. Make sure to check out these reliable makes and models before making your next car purchase!

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