Tivoli Audio Model Two Digital: Elevate Your Sound Experience!


You profoundly are welcome to the sound world of Tivoli Audio’s Model Two Digital where wireless music and simple design meet. This article takes you through the features, functions, and everything you want to know about this cool tabletop speaker that is really reshaping the music listening paradigms.


Tivoli Audio offers more than a speaker, in fact, they make your living room a statement piece. As a combination of the modern day styles and top-edge technological advancements, it’s the right fit for music enthusiasts looking for a device that serves both style and substance.

Modern Design

Imagine a revamped analogue radio that is remade for the digital world. The Model Two Digital retains the classical feature wooden veneer in the body but adds a modern note with the metallic grille. This juxtaposition of the old and the new hints at the interesting talk starter when anywhere is met.

Streaming Capabilities

Gone is the era of the entangled wire and complication of a setup. Since, it has inbuilt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast, and AirPlay 2, for the purpose of playing music, it is as simple as pressing a button. You can use Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite podcast to listen to music, and thanks to the Model Two Digital, all of these are at your service.

Versatility in Placement

Wide or deep? This is the decision. The Model Two Digital’s 360-degrees dual oriented design allows you to configure it in-line or vertically to match to your space needs. It can either be on your shelf or beside your bed side. The installation is a beauty that is adaptable to various settings.

Simplified Controls

Say goodbye to cluttered interfaces. The Model Two Digital is simple to use with just one knob, making it a straightforward process to choose the input, power and the volume. It is the simplest version of itself, therefore, you get into what really counts, the music.

Color Options

Express yourself with three distinct color combinations: gold/walnut, silver/white, and black/black. Whether you line yourself up with every day fashion or keen on wearing something indicative of your personality, Model Two Digital has something for you.

Enhanced Cleanliness

An era where hygiene is an essential consideration, the Model Two Digital coincides with the fray, effortlessly. The grid has a sloping design with the brushed paint finish that not only ensures a beautiful and clean look but is also easy to disinfect.

Quality Sound

Stylish and modern designs are only on the outside. Its primary purpose is loud and clear. It has in-built 3.5-inch full-range driver along with 0.75-inch tweeter which provides crystal clear highs and deep lows with ample room for surround sound.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is the basis for efficiency and the Model Two Digital delivers as advertised. The latest Bluetooth 5.2 and 3.5mm auxiliary input allow you to hitch it up with your TV, turntable, and other devices, simultaneously, for the most engaging and immersive listening experience.

Technical Specifications

• Wifi, Chromecast of Google, and AirPlay 2 are built in.
• Bluetooth 5.2
• Provides a connection for streamed audio services such as Spotify            Connect, Apple Music, and others.
• AMP Power: 20W
• Driver output power: 15W (3.5″ Full range driver) + 5W (0.75 Tweeter)
• Frequency range: 60Hz~20kHz
• Max SPL output: 94+/- .3dB @ 1m

Dimensions and Weight

• Size: 5.1 L x 9.9 W x 6.2 inch in size
• Weight: 4.9 lb

This one can be the Tivoli Audio Model One Bluetooth . The Tivoli Audio Model Two may not be available yet. But the Tivoli Audio Model One Bluetooth is! Buy it here on Amazon!🚀

As an affiliate I get a small fee from Amazon.


1. Will the Model Two Digital allow me to listen to music on my phone through the device?

Yes, you can link up with Model Two Digital’s Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, or Chromecast in an instant connection.

2. Is the Model Two Digital AM/FM radio-ready?

No, the Model Two Digital has only functions for wireless streaming and it doesn’t provide AM/FM radio functions.

3. After all, what was the reason for the Model Two Digital’s grille being styled like this? 

The grid design with brushed metal ionized finishing that partly influenced by the need of the easy cleaning and disinfection that was very crucial during the hard time of covid.

4. Is there an option to utilize the Model Two Digital with devices that are Chromecast or AirPlay 2-based speakers?

Indeed, the Model Two Digital is workable in many speakers that use Chromecast or AirPlay, hence, giving a multiroom audio experience.

5. How does the Model Two Digital differ from the older versions of this product? 

The Model Two Digital has all the features needed by music lovers as it simplifies the access to streaming music and has a very modern and up-to-date design that reflects the continuously changing interests of the audio consumer market.


Amongst a world of sounds beyond music, the Tivoli Audio Model Two Digital is probably the epitome of fashion, uniqueness, and quality. A seamlessly integrated and versatile design with a sound quality of the highest standard, make it the ideal partner for a stylish lifestyle of the present day. Welcome the future of digital audio to your household and hear your favorite beats in an entirely new way through your Model Two Digital device.



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