Tomb Raider I-III Remastered: Stepping Back into Lara’s Boots


For every Tomb Raider fans the year 2024 is an exciting year. The trilogy finally got the remaster it deserves. Lara Croft’s adventure will breathe a new life again with better gameplay mechanics and visuals.

The remastered compiled the first three legendary entries in the franchise. It aims to preserve the original content but with elevated graphics and gameplay mechanics. The games will get a modernized makeover. However, did it hit the nostalgia mark properly? Let’s dive into the tombs and uncover the verdict.

Tomb Raider I-III

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix gifted us one of the most adventure exploration game Tomb Raider. Ever since its release Tomb Raider has an enthusiastic fanbase yearning for new releases. The game was initially released for Windows, PlayStation and Xbox.

We follow the epic adventures of Lara Croft who is a British archeologist traveling around the world to collect various artifacts. Gamers get to experience various mysterious places in earth through Lara Croft’s eyes.

In the first game Lara Croft was on a thrilling quest to find the Atlantean Scion which grants immortality. In the second installment we see her searching for the Dagger of Xian. The infamous dagger can unleash a powerful army of undead. Lastly in Tomb Raider III we see Lara preventing the alteration of time by coming in conflict with a cult.

Tomb Raider’s gameplay is a balanced blend of action, adventure and puzzle solving. You need to utilize the agility of Lara to navigate through treacherous environments. Moreover, you will also come across many enemies like wild animals, mythical creatures or cult leaders. The games also feature several optional tombs that Lara can explore for additional rewards.

A Visual Resurrection

The remaster visually made the game more alive. The iconic meme able pixelated textures and blocky characters bided their goodbyes. The remaster replaces the old texture with detailed environments and dynamic lighting.


  • Increased Details: The blocky textures and simple geometry are out of the question now. You will come across lush jungles with diverse plant life. The world feels more alive now. Moreover, the ancient ruins have intricate cravings and weathered stonework.
  • Dynamic Lighting: The Tomb Raider has a brilliant dynamic system now. It will offer more realistic shadows, highlights, and atmospheric effects. The sun’s rays pierce through jungle canopies, and torches cast flickering light in dark tombs. Moreover, the explosions illuminate the environment with dramatic impact.
  • Enhanced Weather Effect: Rainforests now come alive with downpours that create reflections and puddles. You will see dust storms billow across deserts, and snow falls realistically in mountainous regions.


  • Character Model: Lara Croft and other characters receive a complete makeover. The characters now have detailed textures and improved animations. Facial expressions are more human now. Even the clothes fold with movements. The overall character designs appear closer to their modern incarnations.
  • Improved Animations: Movements are smoother and more natural. Lara displays a broader range of animations for running, jumping, climbing, and interacting with objects.
  • Enhanced Textures: Clothing, hair, and other character details receive high-resolution textures, adding depth and realism to their appearance.

The Reimagined Croft Manor

When we talk about Tomb Raider, we cannot forget about the Croft Manor. Obviously, the remaster also elevated the beauty of the manor.

Every fan holds Croft Manor in High regard. It serves as Lara Croft’s home base where she prepares herself for exploration. Croft Manor eases every player to the immersive world of Tomb Raider. Stepping into its grand halls in the original games evoked a sense of awe and mystery.

The remaster beautifully retains this nostalgic essence. The meticulous attention to detail brings the manor to life with stunning visuals. It captures the grandeur of its architecture and the warmth of its lived-in spaces. Wandering through the familiar halls, players can revisit cherished memories and relive the excitement of embarking on dangerous expeditions.


The core gameplay remains essentially unchanged. You will explore sprawling levels, solve environmental puzzles, and engage in combat. The classic “tank controls” are present and offer a unique challenge. The optional modern controls provide a smoother experience for newcomers.

The remaster also made checkpoints more frequent which lifts the burden of losing your progress if you die. Moreover, players will have more breathing space now in between chaotic areas.

Additionally, you can also switch between the original and remastered graphics on the fly. It allows you to make a strong comparison between the two versions.

Exploring the Past and Embracing the Present

The remaster also added some new features, like photo mode. It allows for capturing stunning visuals and memorable moments for players. The optional bonus levels from the original games provide extra content for completeness.

This remaster will be an entry point for many newcomers to introduce themselves with the thrilling world of Tomb Raider.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered are ON SALE now on Amazon! Hurry up- Grab yours and enjoy. 🚀

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