Unknown 9: Awakening – A Dive into the Fold with Haroona


2024 Summer just got more exciting as Reflector Entertainment is rolling out a new game which will published by Bandai Namco. Dive into the shoes of Haroona to explore another dimension. Unknown 9: Awakening is another immersive action-adventure game to fulfill your gaming cravings this summer.

You will explore another dimension that is known as Fold. As Haroona you will be on a journey to enhance your connection with the Fold. The main gist of the game revolves around Haroona’s ability and connection with the other dimension. Of course, like every other action-adventure game there is a sinister twist that you need to combat against. So, lets see what we known about Unknown 9 so far!

A World Unveiled: The Fold and the Quaestors

This game introduces a concept of a dimension that overlaps with our world. The dimension is known as the Fold which is invisible and just a word for normal people. However, for people who can access the dimension are known as Quaestors.

“On her quest for powerful hidden knowledge, she will learn to master her unique connection to the Fold, which allows her to channel its powers into our world…but such power does not go unnoticed.”

You guessed it right! Haroona is one of the Quaestors who is gifted to access the Fold but at the same time she can also manipulates its energy. This eccentric connection with the dimension fuels her journey to learn more about her unique ability.

Haroona: A Warrior with a Twist

She is on a quest to find powerful hidden knowledge. However, this makes her one of the easy targets of the Ascendants. With Haroona you will venture into the unknown where you will encounter many hidden secrets.

Her journey gets infiltrated by this faction called Ascendants who is a part of large secret society known as the LYS. They seek to exploit the human history with the powerful ability of the fold.

“Haroona quickly becomes the target of the Ascendants, a splinter faction of a secret society known as the LYS, who want to use the Fold to alter the course of human history.”

The LYS is also known as the Leap Year Society who is an elusive society whose goal is to bring enlightenment to all of humankind.

Combat Evolved: Mastering the Fold’s Power

You need to master your combat skills and fight your way through. It is giving some sort of Tomb Raider vibes fighting off resistant group in your adventures.

Haroona has powerful skills both front and center. She has impressive Push and Pull abilities to allow her move objects around her. So, you can use that ability to get access to various hidden places. Moreover, you might also move objects to fend of enemies. She can also shield herself and deflect bullets to the nearest opponent.

“What may be her most impressive talent, though, is her Stepping ability. Haroona can take over her opponents’ bodies, controlling their every move, from their positioning to their weapons, and ultimately their fates.”

One of the key abilities of Haroona is Fold Shifting which allows Haroona to enter the Fold temporarily. Which allows her all the tactical moves like dodging enemies and defend herself. Haroona can also possess enemies and turn them into an ally by using the Fold Override power. These umbric abilities can take various forms to enhance the combat system.

Exploring the Unknown: A World of Mystery

Unknown 9 is a group of 9 immortals who have watched over the human race for an eternity. The Unknown 9 is just a myth but to Quaestors they are very real and possess valuable wisdom. According to the article written on Unknown 9’s official website:

“Signs of the 9 are usually only visible to those who know how to find them—with one major exception. Two thousand years ago, the warmongering Emperor Ashoka suddenly gave up his military career and instead devoted his life to the pursuit of enlightenment. It is said that he founded a secret society composed of nine brilliant minds, each one tasked with safeguarding the rich knowledge of the empire.

But some believe that Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men is a mere cover story for a far stranger, older truth. After all, evidence of the 9 long predates Emperor Ashoka. Hints of their influence appear in Ancient Egyptian mystery schools, Babylonian engineering feats, and the legend of Atlantis.”

Haroona’s task is to learn about these powerful wisdom and hidden powers dwelling in the depths of the fold.


As the release date approaching the anticipation and excitement is also building up quickly. Players who enjoy story rich action-adventure game they will definitely love Unknown 9: Awakening. So, prepare yourself to learn about the Fold this Summer!

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