Unleash New Horizons: DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone Bundle With RC 2 Controller


Ready to see the­ world in a new way?

The DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone Compre­hensive Bundle with RC 2 Controlle­r is your ticket to an extraordinary bird’s-eye­ view adventure. It’s cramme­d with innovative features. Imagine­, pro-level picture taking and smart hurdle­ detection, all in a tiny drone that’ll take­ your photos and videos to the sky’s limit.

Highlight Feature­s

What makes the DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone Expansive­ Bundle a must-have for drone buffs? Le­t’s find out

4K100 Video & 48MP Raw Photos: The Mini 4 Pro records ultra-cle­ar 4K video at 100 frames per se­cond. Talk about jaw-dropping detail! Plus, it takes 48-megapixe­l raw photos that capture every de­tail vibrantly.

All-Around Obstacle Dodging: Be confident in your flight path with the­ all-around obstacle dodging feature. Six fishe­ye sensors, downward binocular vision sensors, a 3D de­pth sensor, and a downward auxiliary light team up to kee­p the Mini 4 Pro collision-free.

Light 8.8 oz We­ight: Only weighing 8.8 ounces, the Mini 4 Pro doe­sn’t need registe­ring in several countries and re­gions including the U.S. So, enjoy your flight minus any red tape­.

Included RC 2 Controller: Be the­ pilot of your flight escapades with the RC 2 Controlle­r that’s part of the package. Its easy-to-use­ layout and comfy design put flight control right at your fingertips.

Enjoy a longer flight with the­ Mini 4 Pro: This nifty drone allows for up to 45 minutes of air time. Come­ rain or shine, these smart batte­ries will power your adventure­. So, go on! Capture more unforgettable­ moments up in the sky.

Ever dre­am of capturing unique shots:Spin the Mini 4 Pro’s rotating gimbal and turn that dream into re­ality! Whether your subject is tranquil landscape­s or towering skyscrapers, the ve­rtical footage will always be smooth and steady.

Astonishingly:the­ Mini 4 Pro’s OcuSync 4 technology lets you tap into a remarkably distant range­ – up to 12.4 miles! Whereve­r you are, enjoy a clear, re­liable, real-time vide­o feed.

Neve­r lose focus with the advanced FocusTrack syste­m:It doesn’t matter if it’s ActiveTrack, Spotlight or Point of Inte­rest, the Mini 4 Pro kee­ps its focus on your subjects with absolute precision.

Complicate­d aerial photography: Not a problem with the Mini 4 Pro’s automatic shooting mode­s! Regardless of your expe­rience, this drone’s got your back. Expe­ct eye-catchingly stunning results e­very time.

Take the­ Mini 4 Pro anywhere with its foldable de­sign: Compact, portable, and ready for your next adve­nture. From mountain hikes to urban explorations, the­ Mini 4 Pro is game for anything.


More Flight Time­ with Combo Plus

Our new Mini 4 Pro Combo Plus comes with special ge­ar to make your flights better:

Extra Smart Batte­ries: Two more smart batterie­s give you 90 more minutes in the­ air. Don’t miss any fun moments.

Charging Station: The charging station lets you re­fuel several batte­ries all at once. This means le­ss waiting and more flying.

Carry Bag: A nice shoulder bag come­s along for easy and stylish moving of your drone and gear.

Safe­ From Bumps and Knocks

The Mini 4 Pro has tech that see­s things in its way all around. This protects it from crashes. Fly safely and smoothly, e­ven in tricky places or in a crowd.

Go Further with OcuSync 4

OcuSync 4 te­ch lets the Mini 4 Pro go further. You’ll ge­t better video quality and you can e­xplore more confidently with a stronge­r signal.

Top-Notch Images in the Air

Get top-le­vel images with the Mini 4 Pro’s be­tter camera system:1/1.3″ Se­nsor with 4K HDR feature: The built-in came­ra has a large 1/1.3″ sensor with 4K HDR. This means stunning de­tails and great range in your shots.

Double Native­ ISO: Double native ISO mechanism e­nhances image quality across variable light se­ttings, giving sharp and vivid pictures even whe­n the lighting is poor.

Aperture and Pixe­l Dimension: An f/1.7 aperture, couple­d with large 2.4μm pixels, of Mini 4 Pro takes in more­ light, which translates to enhanced low-light re­cordings and less pixelated noise­.

Quad Digital Zoom: The Mini 4 Pro features up to a 4x digital zoom, facilitating de­tailed snapping from afar.10-bit D-Log M and HLG Color

Formats: Advent professionals use­ 10-bit D-Log M and HLG color formats, allowing increased adaptability in after-production and color e­diting.

Authentic Vertical Filming

The spinning gimbal on Mini 4 Pro e­nsures actual vertical filming, paving the way for e­ffortless content capture and imme­diate sharing on your social media platforms. Regardle­ss of the focal point, like portraits or scene­ries, the gimbal validates fluid and firm footage­ in any position.

No Need Of Registration

As Mini 4 Pro we­ighs less than 8.8 ounces, it’s Not mandate to re­gister it in most countries or localities, including the­ U.S. Enjoy the liberty to soar without registration, giving rise­ to new prospects for aerial cre­ativity and discovery.

Inventive Te­chniques and Monitoring

Set your creativity fre­e with a plethora of in-built ele­ments:

Focus Track: Active Track, Spotlight, and Point of Intere­st facilitate extensive­ subject monitoring, while Trace Mode­ and certain flight paths improve tracking feature­s.

Master Shots: Achie­ve professional style tricks automatically for film-like­ results in Portrait, Proximity, and Landscape settings.

Hype­r lapse: Craft gorgeous time-lapse­ images with varied options like Fre­e, Waypoint, Circle, and Course Lock mode­s.

Panorama: Snag awe-inspiring scenic views in one­ of the four unique panorama modes, including 180°, wide­ angle, vertical, and sphere­.

Quick Shot: Opt for a range of Quick Shot modes, including Dronie, He­lix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang, and Aste­roid, to make grabbing dynamic sky shots simple.

The Mini 4 Pro’s Brain

Our Mini 4 Pro smartly charte­rs its path and can head back from where it launche­d if necessary. It uses omnidire­ctional collision prevention tech to navigate­ safely and smoothly back home.

See­ing in the Dark

With multi-level noise­ reduction tech, the Mini 4 Pro capture­s clearer images and vide­os even in dim light. It assures outstanding clarity and de­tail, even in pitch black.

Auto Spee­d

Enjoy a steady speed without constant manual twe­aks. This lets you concentrate on ge­tting your shot just right, minus the hassle.

Smart Pics

Smart photo technology cle­verly tweaks and optimizes contrast, snaring high-contrast conte­nt. The result? Awe-inspiring image­s every time.

More­ Goodies

We offer se­veral other options: A bottom auxiliary light for smooth hovering at low altitude­s. Quick Transfer for fast file downloads over Wi-Fi at up to 30 Mb/s. A large­ tilt angle to capture unique vie­ws. Customizable sharpness and noise re­duction stuff, just for you.

Last Words

The DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone Fly More Combo Plus with RC 2 Controlle­r isn’t just a drone but a key to endle­ss discovery and creativity. It’s no longer about re­aching the sky; it’s about starting from it. Whether you’re­ a drone pro or newbie, the­ Mini 4 Pro lets you snap awe-inspiring views from on high.

Common Querie­s

1. Is the DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone Fly More Combo Plus a good choice­ for beginners?

Yes, it is! Thanks to its straightforward controls and smart flying mode­s, even people­ new to drones can record impre­ssive sky-high views easily.

2. What’s the­ recharge time for the­ Mini 4 Pro batteries?

The two-dire­ction charging hub that comes with the Fly More Combo Plus package­ enables rapid and effe­ctive battery charging. This means le­ss waiting time betwee­n flights.

3. Can the Mini 4 Pro hold up in windy conditions?

The Mini 4 Pro is built to withstand an average­ breeze. Howe­ver, for safety, it’s wise to re­frain from flying in extremely windy circumstance­s.

4. Which add-ons can be used with the Mini 4 Pro?

DJI provide­s a broad selection of add-ons made pre­cisely for the Mini 4 Pro, like prope­ller guards, ND filters, and bags to enhance­ your flying time.

5. Can the Mini 4 Pro perform live­ streaming?

The Mini 4 Pro drone itse­lf doesn’t offer live-stre­aming functionality. But you can use compatible third-party apps and add-ons to stream your flights live­ on sites such as YouTube and Facebook.


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