Unlock Freedom: Devialet Gemini II Review


Do you have enough of the hassle of unraveling wires or could you barely keep your earbuds in with every movement? Yes, you do not need to worry about that things, because Devialet Gemini II True Wireless Earbuds came into your life and ready to turns around your experience.


Just think of being transferred to a place where each note, every drum beat, and the harmony of every other sound is most articulate. Instead of being a wish, that is right at the touch of your fingertips with the Devialet Gemini II True Wireless Earbuds. Immerse yourself in the very core of sound of the acclaimed technology formed with innovative design ergonomics beneath.

Key futures

  • Up to 22 hours of zero emissions.
  • Devialet ANC technologies.
  • Bluetooth ®5.2 & Multipoint.
  • Wind-free voice call.
  • Qualcomm aptX.
  • QI compatible.

Unmatched Autonomy

Enjoy 22 hours of uninterrupted and exceptional sound with Gemini II by Devialet. Whether you are going to a concert, doing a marathon or a listening of your favorite music, these earbuds ensure that there won’t be an abrupt discontinuity in your music journey.

Cutting-edge ANC Technology

Evade undesirable ambient noise and disturbances to your concentration with Devialet’s Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. Through using the unique design in which Gemini II technology has generated a product that was made in accordance to shape of your ears so it has reduced audio artifacts and white noise and kept that a performance has been mesmerize.

Seamless Connectivity

Are you annoyed with having to toggle from one device to another, and with spotty connectivity problems in the process? Bluetooth 5.2 with a MutiPoint property is the best feature of Devialet Gemini II which allows numerous devices to be paired at a go and to alternate between two of them effortlessly. Thanks to Google Fast Pairing, you can have the entire process of connecting to your favorite devices completed without sweat.

Wind-Free Voice Calls

Have you ever felt like your voice is being flooded out by the wind every time you make a call?Not anymore. By having Active Wind Reduction (AWR) technology in its Air Network, Gemini II guarantees clear voice calls through actively cancelling wind noise so that the user can communicate freely even in very windy conditions.

Enhanced Acoustic Experience

Get ready for the magic of the Devialet Gemini II which is the surround sound of high quality achieved. Equipped with a 10mm driver coated with titanium by Devialet and aptX decoder by Qualcomm, the earbuds impart a stronger acoustic reproduction unreachable with the normal listening.

Ergonomic Design

Formfitting, the Gemini II earbuds are shaped specially for your ears to be worn comfortably and suit superbly. Say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable, and hello to stability. Never feel insecure about fluctuations in your movement, with the 4 sizes of noise isolation ear tips that assure a precisely snug fit.

Easy-to-Use Features

Just like Gemini II but simplified – the compassionate touch control, which can be modified with the app. The attractive charging case is designed for inconvenience, thus it fits nicely in your pocket and you will carry the earbuds always along.

Unbeatable Battery Life

With up to 22 hours of battery life and the charging case, Devialet Gemini II is an uninterrupted journey of music for your ears throughout the entire day. Regardless of you being on a move or at home, these in-ears are the best substitute for all-day listening and fun.


The ability of the Devialet Gemini II True Wireless Earbuds to transcend the limits of sound for providing humans with an experience that is unmatched is a true testament. While endowing these earbuds with an unmatched independence, advanced ANC and uninterrupted access to audio sources, the user can enjoy an immersive sound wherever they go.


1. In this case, a genuine question would be: Are Devialet Gemini II earbuds compatible with my particular device?

That is without saying that Devialet Gemini provide easy connection both to your PC, smart devices, your game station and more and this is possible via the Bluetooth 5.2 and the multipoint connectivity options.

2. How many minutes is it take to charge the Devialet Gemini II earbuds, please?

The Devialet Gemini II earbuds need 1-and-a-half hours to get fully charged, to enjoy the soulful music until 6 hours of continuous playback.

3. Is Gemini II the right audio accessory for my workouts and runs?

Absolutely! Not only approved by athletes but also the most secure fit by the engineering of Devialet Gemini II earbuds they are probably the best companion for sport and workouts to guarantee they are in place even in the most vigorous activities’ ventures.

4. Does it the Devialet Gemini II has a built-in microphone that can be used with these services?

Yes, these earbuds provide you with the opportunity to activate voice assistants by uttering a prearranged command, which gives you a chance to chat with your assistant as you wish.

5. The AWR technology remains watertight when it comes to phone calls?

Active Wind Reduction (AWR) technology of Devialet Gemini II earbuds suppress wind-noise and upgrades phone calls even in the windiest situations, where it all is crystal clear.



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