Unlock Your Creativity Anywhere with the Yamaha Seqtrak


Do you fall under the category of music lovers and in search of portable multipurpose music creating gadget? Meet the Yamaha Seqtrak. The last music production tool enables you to record, compose, and even engage your audience regardless of your location. There is no need to wait until you reach home, studio or anywhere with the Seqtrak, it captures the essence of your musical produce instantly.

 Capture Ideas Instantly

Another impressive aspect of Yamaha Seqtrak is that idea can be captured to the extent that as soon as they are generated. The simple three layered menu of buttons and physical knobs along with the real time basic controls that are presented are very easy to use and understand while recording your music inspirations without the need to go through a lot of setting menus or have a long boot up time. In a way it is like a musician having a musical canvas that is prepared at all times when inspiration comes.

 All-In-One System

However, the Seqtrak is a perfect device that encompasses all that you can need for creating music. It includes everything you need to start producing music right away: A drum machine, electronic synthesizers, sound production equipment, and beat programming. Of course, this is not something that can be hidden with a long list of features and, nevertheless, it is compact and lightweight that enables to create music at any place. Even for those who do not have a dedicated room for it, one can fathom having a complete studio setup in their backpack.

 Lightning-Fast Workflow

What sets the world alight can be captured with the Seqtrak and unleashed in creativity in no time at all. This makes it possibly the fastest editor out there and a device that would have you spend most of your time at the creation rather than the interface. This efficiency is rather necessary to capture the ideas that are usually quite slippery and can easily be lost.

 Extensive Sounds Library

The Seqtrak is shipped with an over 2000-library preset collection. It is a recently released pack containing 750 professionally produced sounds and samples, acoustic pianos, electronic and acoustic drums, and many more. Also, the availability of new updates of the Seqtrak app means that you will always have new sounds for your productions.

Onboard Sampling

Recording new sounds is not an issue at all with the sampler of the Seqtrak. It has seven quality layers and an assortment of tones that you can modify and design your samples with. Regardless of the phrase one is using to record, the tapping on a spoon or even the sound of a pet, the sampling of these sounds can be done in a way of polishing the tracks in 44. 1 kHz/16-bit format.

Make Music On the Go.

Because of its portability; it is ultra-small and lightweight; It comes with a built-in speaker and microphone; operate by rechargeable batteries; the Seqtrak can be taken anywhere. Whether this is in the recording studio, on stage, or just at home lounging on your couch you can compose, play, and even sing your song with no concerns to the available power source or complicated wires and chords.

 Create Original Music

Creative development with the Seqtrak is easy; it is almost too simple to turn ideas into unique music. The bundled sound engines and the capability of the effects produced make it possible to pave your creativity by having a second power. AWM2 engine for realistic sounds such as pianos, strings, and guitars; FM engine 4-operator for Synth pads, leads and electric pianos.

 Sound Engines and Effects

Based on the newly developed AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) engine which has the polyphony of one hundred and twenty-eight voices, the KROME series produces warm and authentic sound. The four-operator FM engine is yet another level with the freedom of creativity whereby, you design complex synth sounds. Further, the Seqtrak has some very strong effects to finish your track for live performances and so on.

 Advanced Sequencer

Seqtrak’s sequencer is professional and efficient and allows the user to easily track and compose all the sequences involved in a musical session. One can easily manipulate components of the programme, including tempo, swing and track configurations among others to create with ease.

 Sound Editing

The Seqtrak app has a simple Graphic User Interface which allows you to move deeper to each track for each fine-tuning of your sound. You have an array of functions such as envelopes, filters, and effects, to name but a few; this way, you can edit your compositions to the finest detail.

Share Your Music

”Transmission of music and reaching your audience is also very convenient. ” Seqtrak has performance features that include live arrangement, live remixing of beats, and track bypass/mutify options. Global effects are employed to impart some sheen to your music and you can regulate these effects during your concerts.

 Performance Features

Bring out the beast with the Seqtrak’s outstanding malleable performance attributes. It means you can create all those kitschy remixes of the beats and control them during the performance live during the track and patterns combination. This was what makes Seqtrak to be very suitable in studio recordings as well as stage performances.

 Visualizer Mode

The Seqtrak app also offers a specific Visualizer mode that live performs your music and turns it into a visual show. Free performance and production doll features incredible images that will match your tunes increasing the beauty of your shows. Prefabricated designs are accompanied by 3D fields, motion graphics and other attributes to represent the song in the best possible way. The augmented reality (AR) mode even lets you add 3D objects into live videos of the real world that is being captured.

 Connectivity Options

The Seqtrak offers a wide range of connectivity options to enhance your music-making experience:The Seqtrak offers a wide range of connectivity options to enhance your music-making experience:

  •  Bluetooth® MIDI: The possibility of connecting it wirelessly with the Seqtrak app and the visualizer for the convenience of movement.
  • Wi-Fi: Wireless sharing of WAV samples, this means you don’t have to use cables.
  • MIDI In/Out: Sync to other hardware synths, MIDI controllers or a computer for more sounds and possibilities to interface with the rest of the system.
  •  USB-C: Connect MIDI and stereo audio to just one jack of a computer and thus pre-identify inputs and outputs to collaborate.
  • AUX In: Patch to other external devices such as the drum machines, synthesizers, and other devices to add depth to music being produced.

It is also worth mentioning that functions related to the wireless could be unavailable based on your location. It is therefore advisable for you to consult Yamaha dealer. Actually, Windows PC can not use wireless functions.


Not only is the Yamaha Seqtrak an object that makes music, it can bring out the musician within you at any place. This is an excellent device that meets all the needs of musicians of different levels due to an all-in-one system, an extensive sound collection, and many connection opportunities. No matter if it is recording inspiration, composing a song, or playing a concert, the Seqtrak provides enough capability to meet your needs.

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