“Unlocking Nothing’s Phone 1: A Deep Dive into Its Unique Features”


In the fast-paced realm of smartphones, The Phone 1 from Nothing, a pioneer, has made an imposing debut. Touting to “Bring us back. Humanizing the smartphones more “meaningful” and “courage simplicity”, Nothing tries to change the smartphone experience. This review will cover all aspects of the Phone 1 – the good, the bad and the unusual.

The Good: Performance, Display and Unique, Customizable Glyph Notification System

Snappy Performance

The Phone 1 offers the best performance you can get from a mid-range mobile phone due to its Snapdragon 778 5G-enabled chipset. Day-to-day tasks are easily done with it, giving a lightning-fast responsiveness that costs no money more than it deserves.

Smooth-scrolling, Pleasant-to-use OLED Screen

The display is the major selling point since it is 6.55-inch 1080p OLED with an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz. Not typical at the mid-tier level, it offers a seamless scrolling experience. Screen, which is a little bit away from the advertised peak brightness, still very mature and usable even when sunlight is directly onto it.

Unique Glyph Notification System

We popularize a brand-new notification system that backlight “glyphs” on the Phone 1. These 20 blinking glyphs, which adjust in combinations, can be really useful for you to receive notifications and calls in a fresh way. They have a decorative function sometimes, however. The added flexibility to customize glyphs for separate apps and contacts makes it individualizing.

Guaranteed secure updates for the next four years.

The Phone 1 will be one of the few devices to provide four years of security updates, thus enabling the users to have a safe and modern experience with their phones.

The Bad: Battery, Accessories and Limited Access.

Battery Life

The Phone 1 battery duration is OK, but not great. However, its standby drain is pretty significant in comparison to the day to day usage The illumination on the physi is more of an ornamental than functional feature, leaving the battery life largely unaffected. Fast charging is credit to its saving grace, with support for 33W wired charging and up to 15W Qi wireless charging.

No Charger Included

Lack of a charger in the box may be listed as a negative point. And that means that the buyers will have to purchase a rapid charger, which represents an extra cost.

Limited Availability

It is intended to inform the audience that the Phone 1 will not be sold in the US at the very beginning because of not being FCC certified. It might be a letdown for the US fans who were anticipating the Nothing’s expansion into the markets and awaited to try this product.

Exploring the Glyph Notification System: The panacea or the fatal disaster?

The Phone 1 is distinguished with its blinking coloured glyphs that indicate missed calls and messages. Though these are attractively designed, their appropriateness may veer from one person to the next. This is possible to achieve since they can be customized for different messaging apps and contacts. The idea here is to offer a smooth way of controlling the notifications. On the other hand, the usability of these options is individual and depends on everyone’s habits and tastes.

Setting Glyphs for Notifications

We offer 20 sound effects or glyphs for notification and ring tones. These designation can be assigned to a particular app or contact. Although an exciting feature, the memorization process associated with individualizing the glyphs may present the users with a challenging learning curve.

Additional Uses for Glyphs

Aside from the notifications the glyphs have a range of other uses, for example charging status, fill light for the camera and can even attract the attention of the child during each shoot.

Brightness and Customization

Variable brightness enables the user to become selective in the intensity of the glyph lights. Nevertheless, to my mind, the lack of an automatically adjusted brightness from the ambient environment is a demerit.
Basically, the glyph notification system is a special component which brings a zest in the Phone 1, but it does not influence its major functionality too much. The curtain pattern may attract those who are looking for appealing image on their smartphones.

Camera Capabilities: A Picture of Absent’s State.

Dual Rear-facing Cameras

The Plus 1 has the characteristics of two rear-facing cameras, the 50-megapixel main sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS) and the 50-megapixel ultrawide. What Nothing does instead is remove superfluous cameras and microphones that align with Nothing’s vision of function over form.

Photography Experience

Photos made under strong light bring detail and richness, although a bit of cool shading is present. In portrait mode, the mode performs well in favorable light levels, but it struggles with low light.

Video Capabilities

The Phone 1 could capture video at 4K/30p resolution. As the demonstration is showed, we can ensure an optical plus electronic image stabilization, with a special glyph indicator while recording.

Software and Future Prospects: What will be up next for Nothing?

Clean Android 12 Experience

The Phone 1 uses a modified Android 12 provided by Nothing, which comes without extra apps and packs a clean interface. Retro visuals, such as dot-matrix text and old era gadgets’ designs, create a unique style.

Future Integrations

By partnering with third-party developers, Phone 1 aspires to boost the compatibility of its OS with embedded controls. The starting work with Tesla on car related commands is a clear signal of things to come into the future collaboration.

Software Support

Though the company launched recently and is a newcomer, Nothing has agreed that it would give OS updates for next three years and security updates for next four years. It is very uncertain what the sustainability of this promise is due to the lack of evidence.

Final Verdict: A distinctive proposal in the Smartphone landscape.

Next Nothing’s Phone 1, an unpretentious midrange device with a bold glyph notification feature, stands out from the others. Although the glyphs most probably add to the device’s design rather than providing it with a solid contribution, they still make the phone recognizable and do not raise its price point.
• Quick response via the Snapdragon 778 chipset for speed is ensured.
• Striking 120 Hz OLED display are noteworthy.
• Unique triangle symbol notifications for different situations
• Withstanding four years of promised updates and security patches.
• Disappointing at best but not terrible battery life.
• No included charger
• Lack of global launch, not coming to US for the first time
To recap, the Phone 1 represents not only a distinctive but also a decent option in the smartphone industry. It is not overwhelmed by the weight of the too expensive flagship price, and in this case its advantages becomes an additional attraction, rather than imposing obligation. Although it is not a groundbreaking innovator in the smartphone industry, Nothing has shown itself as a brand to keep an eye on by making such a statement.


Q1: Do we have Phone 1 in stock in the USA?
No, the Phone 1 will not be provided in the US initially because of the lack of FCC clearance. Certainly, Nothing is not opposed to consideration of adding new US products to the market in the future.
Q2: Are the glyphs alterable for various contacts?
Yes, a user does have the choice to use a custom symbol for each individual contact. On the other hand, showing them only when the contact calls and not when they send a message will be the case.
Q3: Does the Phone 1 provide for wireless charging?
Yes, our Phone 1 compatible wireless charging at speed of up to 15W. Nevertheless, a charger is not included in the phone’s bundles. That is why it is really a requirement to purchase an additional unit for fast charging purposes.



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