Unveiling the 2024 Honda Prologue: A Groundbreaking EV That Outshines Its Honda Heritage

Unveiling the 2024 Honda Prologue: A Groundbreaking EV That Outshines Its Honda Heritage

Image credit: Honda

While the new mid-size SUV’s electric motor is based on the Chevy Blazer, which has outstanding range and charging capabilities, we’d prefer if there was more Honda styling inside and out.

Honda has finally made up its mind to offer electric vehicles in the United States. Honda took on the marketing challenge of a “volume EV,” raising the bar for wider availability and appeal compared to earlier models like the Fit EV and the Clarity Electric, which were more of West Coast experimental ventures sold in tiny numbers. Since Honda’s electric vehicle plans won’t be ready until 2026, the automaker partnered with GM to build the 2024 Prologue. The Prologue is based on the Blazer EV, Chevy’s electric mid-size SUV, and shares many other components. Making the Prologue feel and look like a Honda was the next big difficulty.

When it comes to style, the Prologue is a hit. A blocked-off grille and inconspicuous headlamps give it a bland, amiable appearance on its sleek, simple front end. Prologue stands out from Blazer thanks to its slab-sided shape and elegant rear end featuring a new “Honda” script; it will blend in with other Honda models like the Passport and Pilot, which have two rows of passengers when shown in a Honda showroom. Also, it’s about the same size as those two, with the exception that its roof is much lower.

Once you’re inside the Prologue, the Honda influences fade. An improvement over the Blazer, Honda claims it achieved by rearranging the dashboard’s hard points, resulting in a lower cowl and enhanced visibility. Yet, there is an abundance of GM switchgear. The materials seem reasonable considering the price, so it’s not an issue. However, a customer who has previously bought three CR-Vs and is now considering an electric vehicle may be put off by the strange arrangement of the controls that they use most. For example, in contrast to Hondas, which typically have windshield wipers on the right stalk, this vehicle has them on the left, and you can adjust the headlights via a touchscreen menu. Also, the app organization of the 11.3-inch main screen is confusing and may take some time to get used to. It’s hard to call that a Honda. While the Blazer EV lacks Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the Prologue does have these features.

How It Drives

Image credit: Honda

According to the engineers, they also took an active role in fine-tuning the suspension so that the Prologue could mimic the handling of a Honda. We wouldn’t be able to compare the Prologue to the Chevy without driving both vehicles side by side. Still, it is refined, comfortable, and has a level of quietness and plantedness that is uncommon to find in a Honda. Although we understood that the 5300-pound electric crossover would never be able to match the Civic Si’s tactile qualities—and we certainly don’t blame the buyers—we still felt like the steering should have offered greater engagement and feedback.

The 288-horsepower Elite variant we tested has all-wheel drive and a linear power curve, but it lacks the brute force necessary to plant you in your seat firmly. When compared to the dual-motor Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, which reach 60 mph in less than five seconds and generate a lot of smiles on the road, the acceleration is far inferior. We can only imagine how slow the front-wheel-drive single-motor version, with its meager 212 horsepower, will seem compared to the more dynamic V-6-powered Passport or Pilot. There are many levels of regenerative braking capability to choose from, including a one-pedal driving mode. Additionally, there is a regen paddle positioned on the steering wheel, which is a convenient way to add extra slowing as needed.

Battery Life and Mobility

Image credit: Honda

Submerged beneath the surface is an 85.0 kWh Ultium battery manufactured by General Motors. Range estimates from the EPA range from 273 to 296 miles, which is competitive depending on the trim level and configuration. Its maximum DC fast-charging capacity of 150 kW is competitive. Honda includes a convenient charging bundle that lets buyers choose from many credit packages that may be used at Electrify America and EVgo stations, as well as for home charger installations.

That’s great news for first-time EV buyers, as Honda has stated that it anticipates the Prologue will qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit. The price range of $48,795 to nearly $60,000 might be more manageable with that—assuming you are eligible for the credit, of course. With a price tag of slightly under $50,000 after tax credits, the dual-motor Touring model appears to be the most cost-effective option.

If you’re not picky about brands while shopping for an electric vehicle, the Prologue has a lot of good qualities for a common model. Aside from competitive range and charging capabilities, it offers a refined driving experience with EV-specific features, including a quiet cabin and one-pedal driving. Although it has the outward appearance of a conventional Honda SUV, we are dubious that it will win over Honda loyalists due to its confusing interior controls and lack of excitement behind the wheel, especially considering the brand’s reputation. Those who place a premium on Honda’s knowledge in these areas might hold off until the next generation of genuine Honda-built EVs comes out.

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