Valheim: A Deep Dive into the Ashlands Update


Valheim has been an exciting exploration and survival game since 2021. The game was developed by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. The game has a strong Viking and Norse theme. Players can craft powerful weapons, construct longhouses and slay enemies. Valheim got more popular due to its multiplayer feature. You can explore and build with your friends up to a group of 10.

Recently, Valheim rolled out their Ashlands update. This update seems like a huge patch as Iron Gate AB introduced new biome and enemies. Ashland will allow players to explore volcanic wastelands where they will encounter new challenges, enemies and rewards.

The update does not only introduce new biome it will also come with various new stuff like weapon, armor, events, etc. Ashland update aims to enrich the late-game experience for the players.

A Landscape Transformed: Welcome to the Ashlands

Ashland is a new biome embraced with a furious red glow. The biome is a fuming volcanic wasteland with ashen sky and infiltrated with rivers of molten lava. The rivers look like the land is wrapped by a red glowing snake. Ashland land is totally different from Valheim’s luscious meadow biomes.

To make it more challenging you will now experience cinder rain which can damage you or spark fire on your shelter. There will be fiery geysers erupting from ground to throw you off the course. Surviving the Ashland will require proper preparation and skills. It will be a treacherous journey through this demanding terrain. So, make sure you start preparing for the new biome as soon as possible.

Fiery Forged Arsenal: New Weapons and Armor

Surviving in the Ashland will require new sets of arsenals that will comply with the fiery nature of the biome. The update adds round 30 new weapons for the players to enjoy. Players can also get new sets of armor. Maybe we get obsidian armor set that will help us to survive the inferno. Moreover, you will also get new bombs and ammunitions to enhance your combat. So, don’t shy away from experimenting with these new arsenals.

Creatures of Fire and Fury: New Enemies

Ferocious creatures will roam around the fiery kingdom known as Ashlands. The update will add about 10 new creatures originating from the new biome. Prepare your combat skills to fight Charred Warriors, Archers, Warlock and Twitchers.

The Ashland update will elevate your combat as new enemy means new move sets to learn. Use the new weapons, bombs and ammunition to annihilate these enemies. The area will also have one miniboss and one boss. It won’t be surprising if the boss is using molten lava as some sort of attack.

Apart from enemies the update also adds new rideable creature, NPC and spawners. You can tame a new creature known as Asksvin. Hopefully, there will be a new NPC to interact with which might give you side quest.

Building a Home in the Heat: New Building Pieces and Crafting Stations

The update also heavily enriched the building experience for players. Players can get access to heat-resistant building material like Ashwood. Building your shelter using normal material like wood will be a danger on Ashlands. The normal wood will be on fire if events like cinder rain occurs. Hence, Ashwood will allow players to make their longhouse heat resistant.

Apart from Ashwood another material is known as Grausten stone. These stone allow your structure to be fire-proof which means cinder rain will not destroy your structures. You can go on building a fire-proof castle on the Ashlands easily.

Apart from new building materials the update also introduced 70 new buildable items. You can craft proper ventilation system in your structures to keep your heat meter low. You can also decorate your space with various decorative items like Lava Lantern, Ashwood Bench or Asksvin Skeletons.

Fueling the Adventure: New Food and Potions

Exploring the Ashland will require hefty amount of food to replenish the health and hunger. The new patch will add 15 new food items so don’t forget to stock up your inventory. You can get food like Mashed Meat, Scorching Medley or Lingering Eitr Mead.


The Ashland update is available for public testing which means it might be unstable as it is not entirely ready. The developers are gathering feedbacks from players to fix certain bugs to bring changes. However, the future looks quite bright for Ashland update. It is time for you to gear up in Valheim again and prepare yourself for the treacherous terrain and cinder rains.

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