Victrola Stream Onyx: A Sonos-Compatible Turntable Review


It is my pleasure to write about audio technology now that I have been a content writer for the past decade. It is an upgraded record player with a wireless option that gives a classic feel of vinyl and streaming. We should go deeper!


This is precisely why the Victrola Stream Onyx is developed to satisfy the audience who value the analogue sound of records. It works great with Sonos speakers providing the ability to play vinyl records without connecting wires, but pleasures them in every room. But again, this is not without its disadvantage where cost and setup are again considered to an extent.

Design and Build

The Stream Onyx also has one of the simplest designs, which perfectly blends style and functionality. Its matte black platter made of die-cast aluminum and tonearm made of aluminum make it a beautifully designed turntable. The control knob on the front has a backlight and the device lights up when playing, starting up, when having a network problem, when in factory resetting mode and when it is connecting to a new network. The measurements are 4. 4 inches in height, 17. 0 inches in width, and 13. 6 inches in depth and it weighs 12. 2 pounds; thus, it has a relatively large yet acceptable turntable size and weight.

Cartridge and Sound Quality

The Stream Onyx comes with Audio-Technica AT-VM95E or Ortofon OM5E cartridge depending on whether it was bought from the US or elsewhere. Though they are not as sophisticated as Stream Carbon’s Ortofon 2M Red cartridge accompanying the pegs, the options are glorious for the best regalia sound quality. The cartridge also fits well on the tonearm through a snap on indication of simple installation.

Setup and Connectivity

Of course, as with any such device, connecting the Stream Onyx is quite simple to do. It can be used using the rear RCA input/output connectors as a standard wired turntable or via a wired ethernet cable, provided the RJ45 port is used. But that’s where the fun begins If you have a Sonos system for your wireless speakers, that is. Through a user friendly set up, the turntable plays music wirelessly directly to the Sonos speakers, no need for cables. As long as there is strong Wi-Fi connection and good quality speakers the performance and the outcome is magnificent.

Pros and Cons


  • Sonos Compatibility: Is fully compatible with Sonos home audio system.
  • Wireless Streaming: The application is designed to stream vinyl albums through the wires.
  • Quality Cartridge: Nice and has an okay cartridge for sound quality.
  • Handsome Design: Simple designs which are perfect for integrating into any home.


  • Pricey: Some of the inconveniences that consumers may find about the $599, which is the price of this product, may be a let down to some of the consumers.
  • RCA Playback Bugs: Regarding the opinions of some clients, there were problems wi tho RCA playback feature.
  • Better Alternatives: The Sonos Amp ($649) is installed for better connection of the record players already existing with the Sonos systems.


The Victrola Stream Onyx Works with Sonos Turntable has a high sound output through the Sonos sound system. That is if you can look past the stumble occasionally during the setup and the problematic RCA input/output that is still annoying to this day. Nevertheless, as for the majority of customers, Sonos Amp still seems to be more practical for connecting the devices which are already owning, for example, record players, with the Sonos system.

Thus, Stream Onyx can be concluded as an interesting link between the design of classic record players and the features of modern smart speakers, suitable for vinyl fans who enjoy wireless streaming while keeping the highest audio quality.

Of course, music does not fade away and with the Victrola Stream Onyx, you get to enjoy your vinyls even more in the modern world. Happy listening!

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