Victrola Stream Sapphire: High-End Sonos-Compatible Turntable


Victrola is back with a stunning but pricey newupmarket turntable that works well with some of the best wireless speakers. The $1,499, or yet-to-be-discounted UK price Victrola Stream Sapphire is bristling with superior components and will beam your favourite records onto Sonos speakers you might already have dotted around the house.


The Victrola Stream Sapphire is one example of a product that shows how the firm endeavours to integrating the traditional vinyl experience with the contemporary audio solutions. This is priced at only $1,499 and it is not all about appearance; you have superior features of a high-end turntable on the table. Now let us discuss all what makes this turntable stand out and is seen as a gem in the audio market.

 Premium Components

Of special mention is the fact that in Stream Sapphire, Victrola has not held any costs in the formulation of a device that will offer the best performance. The machine has an Ortofon Blue 2M cartridge, a brushless motor, along with a carbon fiber tonearm making the turntable superior in sound quality.

 Ortofon Blue 2M Cartridge

The Ortofon Blue 2M cartridge stands out with sound fidelity that correlates to the accuracy of the vinyl records. It is a preference among readers for delivering clear and listening to extended sound. This cartridge defines how each of the records which you love to listen is played to the letter.

 Brushless Motor

Brush less motor is a vast improvement over the conventional motors one can think of. It provides improved smoothness and less audible noise, and that pretty much means that the background hiss, so common in most formats, lowers considerably. This motor also adds to the robust work of the turntable making it a lifetime investment for those who are serious with vinyl records.

 Carbon Fiber Tonearm

This is not only a carbon fiber tonearm that gives a nice looking to the turntable but also enhances its functionality. Carbon fiber is lighter and stronger that lowers vibrations and boosts the tracking precision. This implies that your records will be of better quality and will also have a longer useful life.

Walnut Veneer Finish

As much as the outputs matter, the looks also and Stream Sapphire does not lack in that aspect. Its a furniture that is aesthetically appealing therein, it has walnut veneer finish making it an epitome of class and elegance suitable for any home. It is not a mere aesthetic overlay as it enhances the turn table in terms of its grammage as well.

 Superior Sound Quality

Quality wise, the Stream Sapphire has bit to bit lossless FLAC up to 24/48Hz. This guarantees the increase of full data stream of audio in the records and makes the sound of your records as closer as possible to the initial record. Regardless of whether one is a first-time listener or a critical listener, you will enjoy the sound quality coming from this turntable.

 Wireless Compatibility

The Stream Sapphire has numerous features, but there is one that is most special – it is wireless compatible. It is an optimal piece of equipment for many distinct modern audio systems, which makes it very versatile.

 Works With Sonos

The Stream Sapphire is a product of the ‘Works With Sonos’ initiative; therefore, you can integrate it with Sonos speakers in your house seamlessly. This enables you to listen to vinyl records in any area of the house, without complications of wires and cords.

 Roon Support

The Stream Sapphire perfectly supports the Roon music streaming system for those who are using it. Roon is a well thought out, high end audio playback application and streamer that ties in well with the Stream Sapphire, for its sound quality and intuitive interface.

 Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

The Stream Sapphire has got some embedded firmware settings which allow it to connect conforming to the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) standard. This means that it can be connected to virtually any device, from an intelligent television, a Personal Computer to various other gadgets. If you want to use your records for home theater or for simple speakers that come with your computer, Stream Sapphire fulfills both.

 Wired Connectivity

Thus, the Stream Sapphire has all the enhanced wireless features that are found in the Stream 70, but it hasn’t lost its phone roots. Despite this, you can wire it to your wired speakers if you fancy having it wired instead. This makes the turntable flexibility to fit in the various classes of audio systems, be it the old types of systems or the new types of systems.

Comparison with Victrola Stream Carbon

The Stream Sapphire is daught the pricier the prior flagship of Victrola music system, the $799 Victrola Stream Carbon. Although $165 is a bit steep compared to the $100-watt rival, the Sapphire has several major improvements in the form of superior components and improved wireless conductivity. If people want only the best, then this Stream Sapphire is the one for it.

 Entry-Level Victrola Automatic Bluetooth Turntable 

for those who will not be able to afford the Stream Sapphire, there’s also the Affordable Automatic Bluetooth priced at $199. This model is equipped with a repeat control which sets the needle back to the start of the side and would benefit those with a rather unsteady hand when handling records. It can give the clients a glimpse of what they can expect from Victrola at a lower price range.


The Victrola Stream Sapphire is a premium record player for those who enjoy listening to vinyls and need wireless connection. Some of its parts are of high quality, it has a much better sound than its cheaper competitors and easily integrated with wired networks such as Sonos, Roon, and other related systems. This in a way can be seen as both theStrengths and a Weakness, since while the product is expensive, it does offer a great amount of value in terms of performance and versatility.

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Victrola Stream Sapphire
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