Volkswagen alleviates the biggest concern of EV skeptics with a new battery

Volkswagen alleviates the biggest concern of EV skeptics with a new battery

One of the primary concerns raised by critics of electric vehicles (EVs) revolves around the degradation of the expensive battery packs they rely on. In response to this challenge, Volkswagen has been actively developing a novel battery technology, and the initial outcomes are promising.

Previously, Autovisie elucidated the distinctions among various battery types, highlighting that solid-state batteries represent a significant breakthrough for electric cars. The absence of a liquid component in these batteries, replaced by a solid electrolyte, offers several advantages. Notably, it enables faster charging and higher energy density, potentially resulting in extended range for EVs if the battery size remains constant or a reduction in weight and size while maintaining the same range.

Volkswagen, through its battery development subsidiary, PowerCo, has been focusing on solid-state battery technology. Recent research findings reveal a notable benefit of this new battery type: minimal degradation over time, a significant concern for many skeptics of EVs.

In a rigorous test, a solid-state battery underwent 1,000 charge and discharge cycles, equivalent to driving 500,000 kilometers in an EV. At the conclusion of the test, the battery retained an impressive 95 percent of its original capacity. Volkswagen intends to implement this innovative battery on a large scale in their electric vehicles.

PowerCo CEO Frank Blome expressed enthusiasm about the results, stating, “These are very encouraging results that emphatically underscore the potential of the solid-state battery. The ultimate outcome of this development could be a battery capable of providing a long range, ultra-fast charging, and virtually negligible aging. We remain confident in the solid-state battery and are actively collaborating with our partner QuantumScape for series production.”

In conclusion, Volkswagen’s new battery technology is poised to revolutionize the EV industry and alleviate the most pressing concerns of skeptics. The improved lifespan, efficiency, and charging capabilities bear testimony to how far electric vehicle technology has progressed. This could mark a significant turning point in public perception and acceptance of EVs, potentially accelerating the global shift towards sustainable transportation. As we move forward, it will be interesting to observe how other automotive giants respond to this innovation. Ultimately, the future of transportation lies in our commitment to such advancements; so let us embrace these changes for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

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