Wacom Cintiq 22 Review: Unleashing Creative Potential


Image credit: Joseph Maldonado

In the realm of digital art and design, Wacom stands as a beacon of innovation, offering tools that blend the essence of traditional artistry with the prowess of modern technology. The Cintiq 22, a standout in Wacom’s illustrious lineup, promises to bridge the gap between aspiring artists and their professional dreams. This review delves into the capabilities of the Cintiq 22, exploring how it may serve as a catalyst for unleashing creative potential.

Design and Build

Image credit: Joseph Maldonado

The artist’s workstation is the inspiration for the 21.5-inch screen of the Wacom Cintiq 22. A strong, height-and tilt-adjustable pedestal makes it easy to find the ideal drawing position, much like a conventional canvas. The construction is strong and long-lasting, designed to endure the demands of artistic endeavors. Even though it has a big screen, the Cintiq 22 keeps its slim appearance, so it can be the focal point of both large studios and smaller creative spaces.


The outstanding display, with its full HD resolution, is the Cintiq 22’s beating heart. It will highlight every last detail in your work. With a remarkable color range that encompasses 72% NTSC, the Cintiq 22 provides artists with the color fidelity they need. Offering a screen that is both colorful and sensitive, perfect for a variety of creative pursuits, the Cintiq 22 distinguishes out among its siblings and competing goods due to its affordable price point and high quality.

Pens and Drawing

When it comes to the Pro Pen 2, the Cintiq 22 is in its element. The tracking is almost lag-free, and there are 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, so it feels just like drawing with real paper. Long periods of drawing won’t be as taxing on your hand thanks to the pen’s ergonomic shape and the fact that it doesn’t require batteries. The Cintiq 22’s surface has been thoughtfully textured to offer the ideal amount of friction, elevating the tactile experience of sketching, painting, or drawing.


Integrating smoothly into the workflow of any artist is of the utmost importance. The Cintiq 22’s adaptable connection choices make it compatible with a wide range of devices, including Macs and PCs. These possibilities include HDMI and USB 2.0. Any artist’s toolbox would be incomplete without it, thanks to its compatibility with all major operating systems and creative software suites. The Cintiq 22’s versatility as a tool for creativity is shown by its wide interoperability.

Extra Functionality

The Cintiq 22 doesn’t skimp on features, but it does concentrate on the basics of a great drawing experience. An optional ExpressKey Remote makes up for the lack of express keys on some high-end models, allowing for rapid actions and shortcuts. The Pro Pen 2 with additional nibs and an adjustable stand make it a valuable set that artists can use immediately to begin producing.

Good Return on Investment

The Cintiq 22 is a medium-range drawing tablet that offers a great mix of price and capability. It offers a compelling value proposition for both aspiring artists and skilled individuals. The sturdy construction, high-quality drawing experience, and illustrious history of the Wacom brand make the asking price reasonable. The Cintiq 22 is an affordable option for serious artists since it finds a happy medium between high-end and cheap devices.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional pen performance with the Pro Pen 2
  • High-quality, color-accurate display
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable stand for comfort
  • Good connectivity and software compatibility


  • Lack of built-in express keys
  • Slightly higher price point for budget-conscious artists


The Wacom Cintiq 22 stands as a testament to Wacom’s commitment to supporting artists at every stage of their journey. With its superior pen technology, excellent display, and thoughtful design, it offers a platform where creativity can flourish. Whether you’re stepping into the world of digital art or seeking to elevate your creative workflow, the Cintiq 22 is a tool that promises to transform your artistic vision into reality, marking it as an investment worth considering for any serious artist.

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