What We Want to See in Apple Watch 10


The Apple Watch 10 could be the best Apple Watch in years, with some rumors indicating it would be branded the Apple Watch X and have considerable advancements.

However, not all sources agree, and with this wearable not expected to be released until September, leaks and rumors are still in their early stages. Below, you’ll discover everything we’ve heard so far regarding the Apple Watch 10, and we’ll update this page as soon as we learn more. Then, below that, you’ll see a wish list of the most important features we want from this wristwatch in order to make it the best wrist-worn device conceivable.

Release Date And Price:

The Apple Watch 10 will probably be announced in September of 2024. After all, the Apple Watch 9 was unveiled in September 2023, and previous models have also been unveiled in September of their release years. There is no word yet on how much the Apple Watch 10 will cost, and this is more difficult to forecast than the release date because we’ve heard conflicting information about whether this will be a significant update – if it is, and electronics remain extremely expensive to source, the price may jump. If not, it might easily remain comparable to the Apple Watch 9.


We’ve heard several Apple Watch 10 leaks already, with the earliest dating back to February 2023, when we heard from an analyst that it will be called the Apple Watch X and will come in 1.89-inch and 2.04-inch sizes. For reference, the Apple Watch 9 comes in 1.69-inch and 1.9-inch sizes.

The use of an X rather than a 10 would mirror the iPhone X, and could suggest big changes are coming to the wearable, much as the iPhone X sported a new design.


According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning a substantial overhaul of the Apple Watch to coincide with the device’s tenth anniversary. Apple plans to make the Apple Watch thinner than it is now, with a slimmer case and a revised design.


According to speculations, Apple is developing microLED display technology for the Apple Watch, which is expected to be released in 2025. MicroLED Apple Watch reports claim that it is a feature being developed for the larger Apple Watch Ultra, as Apple is testing a 2.1-inch diagonal display, although there might be various sizes, or the Apple Watch X could be a larger-sized watch with a redesigned case design and slimmer bezels. According to one expert, Apple is developing 1.89 and 2.04-inch displays for Apple Watch versions in 2024.

Apple is also exploring a microLED display for the Apple Watch Series 10, swapping over from the current OLED screens. That does worry me a little bit — when shiny new tech comes through, so do the excuses for driving up the price. Research shared by David Hsieh, an analyst at technology research firm Omdia, claims that Apple will implement 2.13-inch displays into a new Apple Watch in 2024. That’s a big leap from the current 1.7-inch screen.


However, he indicated that this wearable might be released in 2024 or 2025, therefore the Apple Watch 10 and Apple Watch X could be two separate devices, despite the fact that X is the Roman numeral for 10.

Gurman thinks it’s unclear whether Apple will introduce the next watch in 2024 or 2025. The original Apple Watch was launched in September 2014 but did not go on sale until April 2015, thus Apple could commemorate the anniversary on either day.

With the Apple Watch Series 9 already out, an Apple Watch Series 10 or “X” would be more appropriate for 2024 rather than 2025, however the X name is purely speculation at this stage.

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