Why the new Togg T10F is not an electric car, but actually is

Why the new Togg T10F is not an electric car, but actually is

Just ahead of our interview with Togg CEO Gürcan Karakas, an unusual request came from the PR officer: “During the conversation, ensure you refer to it as a ‘smart device,’ not a ‘car.’ Mr. Karakas is quite particular about that.” Interestingly, this directive, while not as restrictive as anticipated, reflects the deliberate choice made in all Togg T10F press material, where the term ‘car’ is notably avoided.

Togg, established in 2018 through a collaboration of five Turkish companies, with its first factory opening four years later, has a unique perspective on the automotive industry. The company, spearheaded by CEO Gürcan Karakas, envisions the ‘car’ as a smart device, a viewpoint that goes beyond mere marketing rhetoric, as emphasized by the affable chairman.

The Togg T10F, designed by Pininfarina, is part of Togg’s ambitious foray into the electric vehicle market. Initially targeting the domestic market, with subsequent plans for expansion into Germany and France, Togg aims to redefine the ‘car’ concept by framing it as a smart and connected device.

The T10F lineup comprises three variants: the RWD Standard Range with 218 hp, a 52.4 kWh battery, and a 350-kilometer range; the RWD Long Range with an 88.5 kWh battery, boasting a remarkable range of 600 kilometers; and the AWD Long Range with 435 hp, 700 Nm of torque, and a slightly reduced range of 530 kilometers.

All Togg models feature rapid charging capabilities up to 180 kW, allowing an 80 percent charge in just 28 minutes, coupled with a vehicle-to-load system. The interior showcases a 12.3-inch digital cockpit and a substantial 29-inch infotainment display. The incorporation of a social media camera within the interior is linked to the Trumore ecosystem—a mobile application transforming into a comprehensive platform, offering services like restaurant reservations, interior mood adjustments, and a unique points system.

Togg’s engagement with its customers involves earning tokens through consented anonymized data sharing. Introducing a playful element, Karakas demonstrates a personalized ‘work of art’ generated by artificial intelligence, a creative endeavor inspired by his journey to Efes—a unique integration akin to collecting Pokémon. In this innovative approach, Togg positions its vehicles not merely as cars but as integral components of a dynamic and interconnected smart ecosystem.

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