Withings BeamO: The Ultimate At-Home Health Gadget


As is tradition Withings has one health tech device for CES that looks like it’s from the future. The latest of the Beam trio is the $249. 95 BeamO, which the firm describes as a multiscope with temperature, ECG, SpO2, and stethoscopic for heart and lungs. In the same vein, let’s direct our attention to the information that could make this device exciting or revolutionary for home health monitoring.

 What is the BeamO?

Secondly, the BeamO, which is briefly described in this paper, is relatively new to Withings’ range of health technologies. This all-in-one device combines four essential medical tools: these may include a thermometer, a pulse oximeter, an electrocardiograph machine (EKG), and a stethoscope. Available at $249. 95, the device’s objective is to perform reliable health checkups without visiting the hospital.

Key Features of the BeamO

 1. Multifunctionality: Besides temperature, SpO2, RR, and CRU, there is also HR and HS.

 2. Design: It is similar to other contactless thermometers from Withings but is packed with sensors, ‘ says the headline of this device.

 3. Connectivity: It also is capable of connectivity with the Withings application and telemedicine and such.

 How the BeamO Works

Concerning the health measurement, it is necessary to note that The BeamO uses various types of sensors and technologies. Here’s a closer look at how each feature functions:Below is how each of the features works:

 Temperature Measurement

Recall that one of the BeamO’s selling points includes its infrared temperature sensor: it is the second generation of the device present in the Withings Thermo. This makes it possible to take the body temperatures with out coming into contact with the patient, conveniently and in a clean way for patients who have fever symptoms.

Electrocardiograms (EKG)

The BeamO has electrodes on the sides to take EKG like heart monitor. This function can assist in identifying a condition known as atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is a type of heart problem. Subsequently, the information is transmitted to the Withings app through which the data can be transmitted to the healthcare providers.

Pulse Oximetry

Thus, with the help of the photoplethysmograph (PPG) sensors built into the BeamO, blood oxygen saturation is determined. It measures light that reflects off the skin after light has been shone into it; this depends with the amount of blood that is present on the skin.

Stethoscope Functionality

One of the BeamO’s elements is a piezoelectric disc which allows the gadget to work as a stethoscope. This disc picks up the acoustic noise from your chest or back and more importantly it sends this electric signal to the BeamO. Here, the users can track heart and lung functionality and, during a teleconsultation, transfer the audio in real time.

 Comparison to Existing Devices

There are single devices for temperature, EKG, and pulse oximetry and there is the BeamO, which combines these features in one gadget. It also saves cost, besides minimizing on the. compile and clutter that may ensue, hence making it easier for families to track their health status holistically.

FDA Clearance and Launch Timeline

Withings, the producer of the BeamO expect the product the hit the market in June this year. Nonetheless, the EKG and AFib detection features will require FDA clearance, which is rather an uncertain process. In some cases, Withings has not been so successful with receiving FDA approvals on time as in the case of the Nokia Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Scale.

 Withings Relationship with FDA

Withings has not been exempted from poor record in the aspect of delays concerning FDA clearance. For example, there is a concept revealed a year ago at CES 2019 such as the Move ECG watch never reached the American consumer. That became the case of the ScanWatch that was launched in 2020; it has the features of the smartwatch in the heart rate monitor, mobile, GPS and voices assistance but it took almost two years to gain approval. Likewise, it took the Body Scan until August 2023 for approval after showcasing it in 2022 CES.

 The BeamO in the Withings Ecosystem

The BeamO is now Withings’ newest home health monitoring gadget lineup that consists of smartwatches, scales, and a thermometer. These kinds of integrations also enable the user to access all their health information in one application thus increasing the chances of complete efficient health management.

 Potential Impact on Telehealth

The inclusion of multiple health measurement tools in the BeamO could greatly affect telehealth since it is a small, compact device that can hold several utility features. Patients are able to disclose their correct health information to doctors without any difficulty, enhancing distant appointments.


Taking it all together the Withings’ BeamO is a quite feasible attempt to make health monitoring at home. Through integration of a thermometer, pulse oximeter, EKG, and stethoscope, it is one devise that can be used to monitor the health status of an individual conveniently. Although the FDA clearance process might slow down its entry to the market, the benefits of the BeamO in improving telemedicine and PHM cannot be doubted.

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