Wuthering Waves: A Combat Gem Floundering in a Gacha Sea


Kuro Game Studios just launched their new free to play game Wuthering Waves on may 22nd 2024. This is an open world gacha game that is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows.

The game focuses on a fast-paced combat with an underlying darker lore. The Wuthering Waves has a similar resemblance to Genshin Impact due to its gacha system and art style. Moreover, the game also heavily focuses on character collecting mechanics. Wuthering Waves is thriving in the combat system however, the game still has some issues that may need further patches.

Combat: A Symphony of Steel and Style

The players will control three characters and need to switch between them simultaneously. Controlling the three characters needs proper strategic thinking because it can enhance your combat skills. The three characters will be able to parry, dodge and also do chaining combats. Each character in Wuthering Waves have their own unique playstyle.

The combat has “Echo” abilities which are earned by using character-specific skills.  The Echoes will unleash a power chain attack that can easily submit the enemies into defeat. You need to master the timing and synergy between all the characters you are controlling to optimize the Echoes. Most players admitted that the combat feels quite smooth and responsive.

A Gacha System with Familiar Frustrations

The combat may be a bit different than other gacha game but the character collecting mechanism is still the same. Players need to use in-game currency or other valuable resources to pull the most unique characters. The rate of obtaining rare characters can be random which can lead to frustration. Anyone who played Genshin Impact before knows that gacha games can be quite grindy.

The Narrative in Wuthering Waves

Most gamers complained that the narrative of Wuthering Waves is kind of weak. The story follows our main character Rover who awakes in the world that is scummed to mysterious withering.

“Awakened with an unknown past, Rover embarks on a journey to uncover the truths. As secrets are unveiled, Rover establishes deeper connections with the world.”

Humanity and artificial beings known as Echoes co-exist. There is an evil organization name Resonators who are eager to exploit the withering.

Resonators are individuals who can manipulate their frequencies. These individuals have unique resonance abilities also known as Fortes. They also have Tacet Mark on their body which allows them to use their power. Resonators’ abilities are usually influenced by their past experience and subconscious mind.

Aesthetics: A World of Contrasts

The world of Wuthering Waves is actually visually delightful. The character design are amazing and vibrant. Each character has their own personality and aesthetic. The visual style of the characters is highly detailed which brings out their personality and playstyle.

The environment of Wuthering Waves is similar to usual gacha games. You will encounter lush cityscapes that has some ideal bland open areas. The art style is quite polished but the open world seems a bit to ghostly and empty. At some point exploration feels tedious and monotone. Of course, the soundtrack helps to offer a mix of emotion that can help you to power through the game.

Technical Hiccups and Mobile Optimization

Wuthering Waves has some technical issues that is becoming the obstacle in their road of success. The frame rate can drop and may players complained about crashes that can be frustrating. The developers are trying their best to solve the issues by launching several patches. However, many players are still complaining about the crash.

The mobile optimization of the game is also quite frustrating. The is playable on phone but the combat is not as smooth as on PC. The combat sometimes feels clunky and it can be difficult to control it using a touch screen. Although, many phone can support external controllers now.


Wuthering Waves is still climbing the ladders of success. The game has amazing combat mechanism but the narrative feels a bit superficial. Moreover, the technical errors can cause some negative impact on gamer’s perception of the game. However, the game is free-to-play and you can definitely give it a try. Players who are already familiarized with Genshin might like Wuthering Waves.

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