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Do you need a great reviewed security camera with loads of great features for your home? Introducing the WYZE Cam OG Smart Home Security Camera; your new companion in home security systems. This camera allows for hight definition live streaming, integrated color night vision, and much more. Now it is time to discover the benefits of purchasing this gadget if you are in need of a formidable security gadget for your home, office or any building during the day or at night.

 Live Stream with Color Night Vision

Now, think fixing your eyes on your home in color as if during the day even when it is dark. Finally, the WYZE Cam OG offers a beautiful 1080P resolution, and as far as Colors at night, this is where this camera stands out as it can record at night with striking clarity. Consider it as a pair of superhero night vision goggles that you have in one hand.

 Indoor/Outdoor Versatility

Other than for child or baby monitoring in the nursery, you also want surveillance in another room, or even outside your door, then the WYZE Cam OG is for you. This is wired camera that has IP65 rating that enables it to work under the rain and other facets hence can be used indoor and outdoors. For the outdoor installation, get the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter which is sold separately.

 Deter Intruders Effectively

Concerned about receiving packages and other deliveries, or when no one is at home? The WYZE Cam OG has additional features that include 40 lumen spotlight and mini-siren. These features can send off a message to any potential intruder before he can think of invading your home. This is probably as close as any wannabe e-thief is going to get to a virtual German Shepherd with a badge and a gun hence this makes perfect sense to have it always on guard.

 Motion and Sound Notifications

Get notified on the spot the moment motion or sound is picked up. It directly shares activity notifications or simply streams to your smartphone, and you’re always up to date. These alerts can be made more or less sensitive depending on your working environment or can be disabled at all when they are unnecessary. This way, you are not flooded with numerous notifications that are unnecessary though they interrupt the running of your devices.

 Flexible Recording Options

Regarding the recording method, WYZE Cam OG has two ways. Closer options include secure cloud recording with the help of the Cam Plus subscription level or recording on a microSD card, which you’ll have to buy separately. This is flexibility in the sense that it allows one to decide on how the camera is going to record with a lot of ease basing on the money you have set aside to make the purchase.

 Easy Installation and Setup

The installation of the WYZE Cam OG could not be easier. The instructions are quite clear, yet simple to follow and the app that is provided will help you set up the camera very fast. A device like this does not require the professional installation, simply plug it into wall power, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and start surveillance.

 Customizable Detection Settings

This means that not all areas of the business need the same level of monitoring. The WYZE Cam OG has features such as Motion Detection Zone that enables you to set the zones you want to be mindful of. Tweak the alarms to that you only receive notifications for the things that actually matter to you.

 Durable and Weather-Resistant

Used indoors and outdoors, the WYZE Cam OG is made in a sturdy manner to withstand different weathers. This means that it will be able to work in the rain, snow or any extreme weather that you can think of and offer you round the clock security.

 Introduction of Cam Plus for Better Security

For more enhancements, one is able to upgrade to Cam Plus which also has options for identifying people, deliveries, animals, and cars. It implies that the alerts become wiser and you can distinguish between various movements, thus making security better.

 Affordable and Reliable

Another interesting aspect that plays majorly into the attractiveness of the WYZE Cam OG is its price without a concomitant decline in quality. It is a respected antivirus program with acceptable price that brings home security with sophisticated technology to the people.


In conclusion, it is possible to state that WYZE Cam OG Smart Home Security Camera is an ideal option for everyone planning to improve the level of security in their homes. Due to its highlight features such as color night vision, weather resistance and programmable notices, it features full-pledge security at a reasonable cost. This camera can suit the technological literate or the complete novice since this camera has been designed to work without one having to overcomplicate the process.

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