Xbox Showcase 2024: A Thrilling Look at the Future of Gaming


This year’s Xbox showcase was held on June 10th right after Gamefest. Hosted by Phil Spencer and Co, we were shown a huge number of new and exciting titles and some gameplay along with early access for some. This showcase was needed to Xbox following the layoffs and closures of their iconic studios and the controversies following that.

Black Ops 6

Started off with the much hyped Black Ops 6 reveal trailer featuring Mason and Woods during the early 90s, voice over of H.W Bush’s speech. The trailer was action packed with a huge effort on the theme of conspiracy and sabotage same with the previous Black Ops games, scenes featuring Bill Clinton was also shown which would indicate the campaign this time might span decades or years and it may potentially connect back to Black Ops 2.

DOOM: The Dark Ages

Doom: The Dark Ages was shown next and as expected and very welcomed bloodshed against the demons and this time Doom Guy gets a shield with a chainsaw around the edge of the shield, which can also be thrown that comes back to you, the chainblades around the edge can be spun much like a chainsaw for maximizing the brutality inflicted on the heathens, we also get a weapon that shreds and sprays bone pieces onto the demons.

The trailer also showed charge and slam abilities with the shield along with a chain to latch onto enemies and ended off with a scene showing Doom Guy controlling a Mech. The next scene shows us the ability to fly around using a demon around the new map which could hint at an possible open world change. It will be released next year and will be available on game pass day 1.


There were a few leaks that BioWare was working on the next dragon age game and a teaser trailer was shown months back. We finally got the name for it, being titled Dragon Age:The Veilguard and the trailer was absolutely amazing showing Varric and  Harding fighting off some enemies while discussing forming a team.

The character introductions let us know this time we have to go into the Fade (A dream world from where mages in the world draw their power but ultimately this place inhabits creatures that hold a lot of power making it dangerous to enter) for the main campaign of the story and fight through the darkspawn there to complete our main goal.

The game is going to be released this fall, coming to Xbox and PC and finally pulling us back into the world of Dragon Age.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

A new game from the makers of Ashen from 2019 which was released to raving reviews back then. The trailer showed in-game footage and gameplay along with various traversal mechanics and fluid melee combat with a high emphasis on the use of the protagonist’s gun, a flintlock. The combat looked engaging and the gun use looked absolutely satisfying (giving a whiff of Bloodborne with the uses of the gun).They already have a Demo out right now to play with a release date of July 18th of this year.


We are finally getting a new fable game, which many in the community thought would never get another addition to its franchise but the showcase trailer showed amazing in-game footage with character progression along with the protagonist’s likeness or hatred from NPCs in the game. We also saw combat against beasts, monsters and other humans with a voice over from an important NPC named ‘Humphrey’. It’s releasing next year on Xbox and PC and of course will come to gamepass day one.


Titled Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was teased a few months back with some gameplay featuring Indiana’s iconic whip against enemies in a forest ruins area and now we get to see in-game footage of a cutscene with Jones and a companion against german soldiers to retrieve an artifact.

As reported earlier, the gameplay may be in first person as the last few scenes showed first person gameplay with Jones punching enemies off balconies and into desks. The very last scene shows a reenactment of  the iconic moment Jones outruns a boulder in a narrow corridor of the ruins he’s exploring. The game is coming out this year on Xbox and PC.


It’s safe to say the Xbox showcase was phenomenal this year with such amazing releases and rekindling of a fan favorite. It’s amazing to see that almost all the major games showcased will be coming to Gamepass day one, giving customers more incentive to get into it this year. It is notable to see that most of the games and DLCs showcased are coming out this year making it all the more exciting and more daunting to wait for them to come out.

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