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Due to the low level of thermal imaging cameras, other small firms and individuals with no big companies or government funding cannot come even close to these devices. The Xinfrared One XH09 is an accessory with a sensor based on proprietary technology, making displays more realistic for phone camera photos taken by smartphones running either Android or iOS.

The appearance of the new Xinfrared P2 Pro is grist and great to start with, but it has got a powerful resolution sensor, adjustable focus lens, and an excellent handle that helps quickly photograph making videos. It is limited if only used with your smartphone and Thermal Eye X application, but it’s exceedingly better after adding the bundled short USB-C cord and grip.

We already noticed that the One XH09 is somewhat field-of-view-dependent, which can be seen in one of these apps, this being another difference to most thermal sensor phones and add-ons. In this way, it increases its efficiency in the broader application area; however, it is still suited for limited use because of detecting warm pipes or engine block cracks.

It seems that Xinfrared has done quite a lot, which is enormous compared with the P2 Pro performance, and one might say that this device’s price tag covering all utilities it provides for itself is more than the price of its use.

Price and availability of the XinFrared One XH09

You will spend $40 more from the manufacturer’s site if you buy an Infrared One for XH09 rather than the original InfiRay Xinfrared P2 Pro. However, should you require it delivered the following day, you can shop from Amazon, which costs an extra 30.

A thermographic cell can be purchased with this budget and is even viable. But this is no fair comparison, as a phone’s sensor can never reach the One XH09.

The One XH09 lacks a discount but is still likely to be just as worth this price because of the advanced technology and software offerings associated with the solutions.


Your camera package will come with the One XH09 and include a small carrying case and an abbreviated charging cord. Some variants of an Apple iOS use Lightning cables; the review unit was designed for an Android version and contained USB-C output, using a cable with similar functionality.

Although we may be able to link the device directly to phones and tablets, it is likely not the proper setup.

The handle accompanying our camera also comes with a smartphone bracket attachment, which can help mount your iPhone or Android anywhere you want on the scooter or even get them off it, thanks to its design. The exterior dimensions of the bracket in length, width, and height are 120mm; its weight is 35g. There is a quarter-inch thread on the bottom of it that facilitates attaching it to a photography tripod, and it makes it easy to carry.

This camera has a metal housing and is rated at IP65; its dimensions are only 23 x 23 * 23.8 mm long, width, and height, respectively, with a rubber lens cover to protect the lens. The lens can be focused manually by twisting the front end. When installed on the phone bracket, focus ram is pleasantly easy to adjust and does require such if you want anything done correctly. While a seemingly simple attachment, it may be cumbersome when attached to a rifle, particularly without seeing its version for such an application.

To work with images in their normal orientation while avoiding using an upside-down image, you need to select your camera’s angle found within the Thermal Eye X software. This is beneficial because the angle of alignment concerning the phone may change either if it were mounted right onto or through the case on the bracket.


UX09 XH09 is definitely one of the most effective solutions for thermal imaging, regardless of particular needs. Primarily developed for outdoor use, it is an excellent night-time tracing and hunting device. Instead, a device such as the P2 Pro or T2S Plus would be more appropriate for macro work because it would detect damaged motherboard chips.

Instead of just locking in the camera, you may utilize the supplied bracket that allows for more flexible focus adjustments with free hands. Significantly, this is a more advanced sensor than the FLIR 3.5 Lepton used by many smartphones today. After setting up, the app will work with almost any Android or iOS device on sale.

Regarding external thermal imagery, the One XH09 is one of those few you cannot beat unless it has to be a high-end phone.

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