Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is nowadays not only a brand for the fans. With it's passion and eagerness to produce lovely cars I had to be one to review one.
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Naim Uniti Nova Review


A category full of audio related reviews. From headphones and in-ears to complete speaker sets and sound bars.
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All my car reviews can be found in this catagory
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Arozzi Verona XL+ Nederlandse review


This category is full of gaming chairs reviews. However, I also combine the desk chairs/gaming chairs with desks. So also take a look at them!
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As a gamer I surely use a lot of computers. In this category I place all my PC reviews.
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PocketBook Touch HD3 Review


To read or not to read... that's the question. However, if you want to read... try an e-reader. In this category you see why.
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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GAMING OC 8G Review

Graphic card

A good graphic card can do wonders when it comes to gaming. In this category I review these kind of graphic cards.
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Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review


In this category you can read all the Hyundai reviews 
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Delonghi Ecam 23.460.s NL Review

Kitchen Equipment

A category full of kitchen equipment. From full automatic espressomachines to soda streams.
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iiyama G-MASTER G4380UHSU-B1 Red Eagle Review


An computer is not complete with a good monitor. This category is used for all my monitor reviews.
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Gigabyte Z690 Xtreme Review


The heart of a computer, a motherboard is not just a typical board with some things on it. It is the mother of all boards…. This category is showing you all the motherboard reviews I was able to write.
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Netgear Nighthawk MK63 Review


All my network related product reviews. From switches to routers and access points.
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Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED XD-73EE644SP Review


As a reviewer and gamer I am quite interested in hardware. How good are the notebooks these days? I’d like to review them and see what they can do.
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Steelseries Apex 5 NL Review


Keyboards, mice, soundcards and more.. Back in the days when I had time (feels like ages ago) I was a competitive gamer. The peripherals like keyboards and mice could make a difference. As a writer/reviewer and hard working guy (lol), I do love great peripherals.
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The default category for all reviews.
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In this category you can read all my smartphone reviews! 🙂
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Synology DS420+ Review


One of my main items is writing reviews of network attatched storage. Nowadays, we are using and saving more data. The best way to store it locally, is by using a NAS. In my reviews I explain what these devices can do and why you should take a look at them.
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Recent news

QNAP TS-855x huge beast for a decent price

There is a device that can fulfil all these dreams: the QNAP TS-855X. This powerhouse from QNAP is not just an ordinary NAS. It's a powerful and versatile solution that gives you unprecedented control and flexibility over your data. Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

Recent reviews

QNAP TVS-h874 Review – Not just a normal 8-bay NAS!

In this review, we will explore the key features, specifications, performance, and user experience of this NAS, while also comparing it to its competitors

Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 s2 – On par with theApple AirPods, or better?
Bowers & Wilkins has released the second version of the Pi5. In-ear headphones with good sound, whether the Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 s2 is as good; you can read that here.
Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Core i7 – Faster than before?
I consider the Surface Laptop Studio a beautiful laptop with potential. However, the Surface is extremely expensive for a normal laptop and is therefore mainly aimed at the business market. The design is solid and sleek, but the screen scratched very quickly. In addition, as a real laptop in the summer, it is a real sweat magnet. You have to decide for yourself whether the Surface is worth the money. In a future scenario, I would think twice about it myself.
Sage Barista Express Impress – For the real coffee enthusiast
The Sage Barista Express Impress is a perfect machine to bring out the inner barista. The machine does help with several operations, such as the integrated coffee grinder and tamper, making brewing a real cup of coffee, not rocket science either.

Recent videos

NL Alfa Romeo Tonale Video Review

De nieuwe Alfa Romeo Tonale, hoe bevalt deze? In dit korte filmpje vertel ik het e.e.a. over de rijeigenschappen, de opties - zoals CarPlay en Android Auto en meer....

Unboxing: Netgear Orbi Pro

The unboxing of the NetGear Orbi Pro.
A small video unboxing them.

ASRock Z370 Gaming K6 Breathing RGB

ASRock has some RGB in it. In this video I show the breathing RGB setting.

Unboxing: B&O Beoplay E4

The unboxing of the B&O BeoPlay E4 in-ears.
A small video unboxing them.