IVONO Bobo at Toka Pro Review


IVONO Toka Pro


  • The Toka is really an incredibly stable table – even with two heavy (38 and 34 inch) monitors, a PC, laptop and other stuff, it hardly wobbles. And even that on the highest setting
  • The Bobo is a very nice wobble stool, super sturdy, nice cushion, handy handles to hold the stool and a gas spring that also ensures that it can go quite high
  • The leaves of the Toka are very beautiful, bamboo looks very neat and has a nice pattern. It is also very sturdy
  • The Toka can be operated with touch, the two memory settings also provide a nice and fast adjustment


  • In my opinion, the Bobo has no disadvantages. Even with a price of 119 euros, this is really a hoot.
  • Magnetic cable tray is a nice idea, but in practice it doesn’t stay in place very well


As a reviewer, I like to write about as many different products as possible. I also get a lot of requests from readers to review cool products. IVONO was one of those brands that I personally hadn’t heard of. And yet it has a lot of fun, including the IVONO Toka Pro and IVONO Bobo.


Just a summary of the specifications.

Toka Pro

The Toka Pro:

• 3-stage legs to reach a height of 65-130 cm

• Professional electric sit-stand desk

• High movement speed of 36 mm/s

• Powerful dual motor

• Smart, innovative Touch Controller with memory

• Health and safety standard: NEN EN 527 & NPR 1813Ideal for professionals to follow the highest health and safety guidelines with maximum height range


Very well balanced Height range 55-80 cm Suitable for short and tall people Simple seat height adjustment button Highly recommended when using a sit-stand desk Functional, fun and aesthetically pleasing Small and compact Comfortable stool with high-quality cushions Non-slip base for a good grip


From IVONO I received the following products:

  • IVONO Bobo – wobble crank
  • IVONO Toka Pro frame
  • IVONO bamboo table top 180×80 cm
  • Cable tray organizer
  • magnetic cable tray


Let’s start with the Bobo.

The bottom of the foot has a kind of rubber layer, which keeps it in place very well. As a result, at least the bottom doesn’t slide out from under you so quickly.

Setting up the Bobo is not rocket science, after all, I still manage to do it… 😉
Put the gas spring in the base. Attach the hood to the top of the stool, and slide it together. Can be used immediately afterwards.

In addition to the two levers to operate the gas spring, there are also handles to hold on to the crank.

The great thing about this stool is that it can be used quite low and high. It can be used between 55cm and 80cm.

It is advisable not to wobble too the stool, and certainly not to wobble backwards, because you really go backwards…

IVONO Toka Pro

Now it’s time to unpack the Toka Pro and finally start using it. Let’s start with the very heavy chassis. And for good reason… I’ll come back to this later! Time to grab the gigantic 180cm x 80cm top.

IVONO has already pre-drilled the desktop, which is really nice when mounting.

I can’t say it often enough, but the bamboo has a beautiful pattern, the leaves look very nice and clean. In the picture it looks a bit more orange than it really is.

The frame is also quite easy to assemble, after all, it is a matter of screwing the frame together, and eventually mounting the legs on it. But the frame is really heavy. Heavier than the blade. And that’s not surprising. This system can really carry a lot, and it needs to.

With a blade of 180, there is quite a bit to bridge. Fortunately, the frame can also be pulled out to 180 and is easy to screw on. The only thing I did notice. In the middle of the tabletop, at the bottom – where the allen is located – there is no connection to the frame and the blade. I wonder whether the leaf might not sag a small part in the long run. If so, I’ll update this review immediately. But the leaf is so thick and sturdy that I can’t imagine it.

The lines of the bamboo are straight, through the lens they seem to be bent. Time to put the legs on and screw them on.

The system is all connected to each other with cables. The feet have a short cable, but from the adapter there is an extension cable for one side, and you can choose which side you want the adapter on – and also the touchscreen.

And there is a beautiful, heavy and very large desk. The Toka Pro. And with 180x80cm this one is very pro. Just wait until it’s built up!

The touch panel has a plus and minus to adjust the desk to your liking – in height. The screen shows a 1 or 2 when the I or II are selected. These are the presets that can be set by means of the square on the right.
This way you can adjust/fine-tune the height yourself at any time and switch between the predefined presets. I think this is a really cool option on this desk.The IVONO Toka Pro can be moved between 65-130cm.

What’s even better about this system is that the screen turns off after a few seconds, so you’re not constantly looking at a screen that’s on in the corner of your eye.

Cable Tray Organizer

A handy solution for your cable management, which is not included as standard, is the Cable tray organizer from IVONO.

This is a bin where a lot of stuff can be put in. Personally, I had seen a few more protrusions or the like to tie cables to or with a zip tie.

Magnetic cable tray

And then the cable duct which in my opinion is quite fine, but not great. It is equipped with two magnets.

The idea is that the adhesive strip is attached to the desk, and magnetically holds the gutter. However, it has happened to me several times that the whole thing comes loose and therefore falls over.

Also due to a moving cable when a desk goes up or down, it moves quite quickly and therefore – in my opinion – comes loose much too quickly.


As an IT professional, I often spend hours at my desk. Because I mainly used a static corner desk, I stood far too little. Now that I have been working with this desk and this wobbly stool in recent months, I notice that I stand more and also pay more attention to my posture. And this also benefits my work. I notice that I am more active in meetings, because I move or stand back and forth. Have more ideas – and especially (which is what it’s all about for me, of course) can review better and more fun. Safe to say is that a table and stool really make an impact on your life. Especially with average days of 9 hours behind such a desk.

While going up and down, I did notice that the magnetic cable duct just doesn’t work very well. It comes off really quickly, even because of a cable that moves – and that’s exactly what you don’t want. Surely a different system would have to be devised for this. The cable duct that hangs under the desktop is actually just as good a container in which a lot can be laid. Especially with two monitors (adapters), PC, and laptop adapters etc, it can be filled up quickly. In my opinion, this box could have had a few more protrusions where cables can be tied between. But of course, that depends on how much mess you want to get rid of.

Despite the fact that I received these products from IVONO, this is my own opinion that I project about these products. IVONO is reading this review at the same time that you are reading it.


IVONO, I didn’t know it yet. Fortunately, readers alerted me to the brand, and I started reaching out. Fortunately, IVONO was also very enthusiastic and I got the chance to review this stuff. I’ve been using the table and stool for a few months now – review has also taken a bit longer. In the meantime, I’m actually still positively surprised by the quality. As described in the review, I have two gigantic monitors on top of each other. This creates a huge imbalance in the table – because a lot of weight is placed on the back. And yet it goes up and down without any problems (and quickly!). The nice thing about the memory system in the touch panel is that it can store two settings. For example, I have set the system in such a way that when I sit down I click on setting 1, and when standing I only have to click on setting 2. This way you are always exactly the way you want to be. The nice thing about this touch panel/screen is that it doesn’t shine continuously, so it also looks clean when it doesn’t display anything for a while (after all, it doesn’t distract you in the corner of your eyes).

The bamboo top is also very beautiful, I really like the pattern much better than with other tables. This gives such a calm feeling. The legs and frame also look neat. A cable duct isn’t included by default, so you’ll have to buy one yourself. The magnetic cable duct that is attached to the base, it comes loose quite quickly and is really not a convenient solution in my opinion. The other cable duct that comes under the desk is fine. It is a large container that can hold a lot. However, it is easy if there are some protrusions or pins around which you can tie some cables.

The Bobo is a very nice wobble stool, super sturdy, nice cushion, handy handles to hold the stool and a gas spring that also ensures that it can go quite high. You have to be careful that you don’t push yourself backwards, because then you really go. But you’ll get the hang of that pretty quickly. After all, it immediately ensures a very active working attitude. The Bobo costs €119 and that’s a great deal in my opinion.

So let me first close this review with the Bobo. A very good, sturdy and nice wobbly stool that is also not too crazy priced. I give this 5 out of 5 stars. Wiggle away! That the Toka Pro with a blade of 180×80 costs around €639, and that’s not a crazy asking price at all. It is a really gigantic tabletop, but also a gigantic frame and with all functionalities together just a good deal.

That’s why I give the Toka Pro 5 out of 5 stars. The cable trays can be purchased separately. Looking for a sit-stand desk or a good wobble stool? Be sure to take a look at ivono.eu

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