UniFi Dream Machine Special Edition – With The Adittional Protect


Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Special Edition


  • Stable connections, the PoE systems work without hesitation
  • Sharp image quality
  • In combination with the Dream Machine SE, the recordings are stored on the HDD/SSD
  • The Unifi app and webpage work great. The protect module works like a charm


  • Pricey! It’s not cheap to have great gear


Today something completely different. Yes, camera systems of Unifi. And these are not just your average AliExpress camera’s. These camera’s – and the whole system as a set – are top noch. Why? Read this review to find out! From WiMood I received these products, and after months of tinkering around I can finally tell you how it works. And in short.. It’s great!

In an age wherein security is paramount, finding the proper surveillance answer is vital for safeguarding your property. With the Ubiquiti UniFi Protect collection, you gain access to a variety of terrific cameras designed to provide comprehensive monitoring talents. Let’s delve into the info of these present-day cameras and discover how they can enhance your safety setup.


The focus of this review is in regards to the video quality of the received camera’s and video doorbell.

G4 Instant

The G4 Instant is a compact, wide-perspective, WiFi-related camera that gives:

  • 2K (4MP) video resolution for clear and specified pictures.
  • Ultra-huge viewing perspective of 102.4° to cowl a vast vicinity.
  • IR night time vision up to 20 ft for stronger surveillance in low-light situations.
  • AI event detections for smart tracking and signals.
  • Two-way audio for conversation with traffic or intruders.
  • Weatherproofing for dependable outside use.

The G4 Instant is a compact digital camera imparting Full HD resolution for clean and precise monitoring. With its WiFi connectivity and -way audio abilities, this camera provides convenient access to live pictures and seamless conversation with the surroundings. Whether you’re monitoring a small commercial enterprise, a residential assets, or a retail shop, the G4 Instant offers the overall performance and convenience you need for effective surveillance.

Installation of the G4 Instant is brief and smooth, making it a perfect desire for customers looking for a problem-unfastened setup procedure. With its plug-and-play layout, this camera may be set up in minutes, allowing you to start monitoring your surroundings immediately. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional installer, the G4 Instant offers simplicity and convenience without compromising on performance.

G4 Doorbell Pro PoE Kit

The G4 Doorbell Pro enhances the capabilities of the G4 Doorbell with:

  • Enhanced package deal detection digicam and incorporated display for advanced monitoring.
  • Improved HDR and low-mild performance for higher photograph high-quality below various lighting situations.
  • Programmable welcome display to greet traffic.
  • Secondary package deal-detection digicam to maintain an eye fixed on deliveries.
  • 6 m (20 ft) IR night imaginative and prescient for clear photos even in whole darkness.

Building upon the capabilities of the G4 Doorbell, the G4 Doorbell Pro offers greater capabilities for advanced monitoring and safety. With an more suitable bundle detection camera and integrated show, this doorbell gives superior tracking of deliveries and site visitors, making sure that you in no way leave out a bundle or tourist.

With improved HDR and coffee-light performance, the G4 Doorbell Pro offers higher photograph first-rate below varying lights situations, making sure clear and distinctive footage always. Whether it’s vivid sunlight or low-mild conditions, this doorbell gives reliable surveillance day and night.

The G4 Doorbell Pro functions a programmable welcome display, allowing you to greet site visitors with personalized messages or instructions. Whether it’s welcoming guests or supplying instructions for deliveries, this feature provides a non-public touch to your own home or business.

Additionally, the G4 Doorbell Pro functions a secondary package deal-detection digital camera, permitting you to keep an eye fixed on deliveries from more than one angles. Whether it’s monitoring programs on your step or deterring porch pirates, this feature affords delivered safety and peace of mind.

With 6 meters (20 ft) of IR night time imaginative and prescient, the G4 Doorbell Pro guarantees clean and precise images even in entire darkness, making sure dependable surveillance day and night. Whether it is monitoring your property at night time or in dimly lit regions, this doorbell presents peace of mind and safety when you want it most.

G5 Bullet

  • Resolution: 4MP (2688 x 1512) at 30 FPS.
  • Night Vision: IR LEDs with a 30 feet variety.
  • AI Capabilities: Enhanced detection accuracy and range.

Building upon the achievement of its predecessor, the G5 Bullet gives more desirable capabilities and abilties to satisfy the evolving needs of present day surveillance. With 4MP (2688 x 1512) at 30 FPS, this camera delivers crisp and smooth footage, taking pictures/video  with readability and precision.

Like the G4 Bullet, the G5 Bullet features IR LEDs with a 30-foot range for dependable night time vision talents. Whether it’s monitoring a dark alleyway, a automobile parking space, or a outdoor, this digicam guarantees clear visibility even in the darkest of environments.

One of the standout capabilities of the G5 Bullet is its AI abilties. With greater detection accuracy and variety, this camera gives superior surveillance skills, making sure that no potential chance is going not noted. Whether it is detecting movement, identifying gadgets, or monitoring movements, the G5 Bullet affords unprecedented protection and peace of thoughts.


Thanks to WiMood.nl I was able to play around with the following products:

  • Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine SE
  • Ubiquiti Unifi G4 Doorbell Pro PoE Kit
  • Ubiquiti Unifi G4 Instant
  • Ubiquiti Unifi G5 Bullet
  • Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Pro (2x)




This is a fragment of the G4 Instant. And really. How great is the quality! It is pointed towards a window, which also reflects some of the screen. Normally you would for example also point this into a living room. And I’d have to say. That’s also really clear. Even in the evenings, the night vision of the camera turns on making sure you can see everything you need to see.

On the G5 I was even able to take screenshots, due to the quality being that great.
The G5 (as the picture below) can even identify different types of movement, between people and vehicles.

What’s great about this whole system is that you can check the detections and see in an overview what was detected.
Protect does show the actual thing that was noticed and focusses on that in the overview. This helps tremendously with filtering specific events. For example, if you are looking for a white car, you can see that it drove pas by on the 5th of July on 23:59.

Protect is this smart that it can also show movement with people, and put it on a specific category.
These are also shown with the doorbell.

Unifi Protect works like every other Unifi dashboard. It’s intuitive, has a lot of options and shows in an easy to use way what’s working.. And what not.

The great part of this all is, is that it’s really easy to have an overview with events. You can just scroll through the timeline, or just focus on every event detected.


Now with the additional cababilities to just store it in your OneDrive or Google Drive. It’s absolutely great they offer this additional service, and don’t expect you to pay an special Ubiquiti fee to store it at their servers.

You can also set up anything you want to do with your camera’s. It’s quite easy to change the settings.

There is also a way to get informed by push messages in case of for example admin access or device discovery.

There is, of course, also a possibility to get a notification when there is movement detected.

Understanding Ubiquiti UniFi Protect

The Ubiquiti UniFi Protect series is a collection of advanced surveillance cameras tailored to meet the numerous needs of residential and industrial users. These cameras offer state-of-the-art technology coupled with person-friendly capabilities, making them a great preference for the ones seeking dependable protection answers.

The UniFi Protect collection boasts loads of digital camera kinds, every designed to address unique surveillance requirements. From bullet and dome cameras to compact alternatives, there is a version to in shape every environment and application.

One of the key advantages of the UniFi Protect series is its seamless integration with the UniFi Protect app. This intuitive app permits users to without difficulty monitor their cameras remotely, access stay footage, and get hold of signals for any detected interest. Whether you’re at home or at the go, the UniFi Protect app maintains you connected to your protection gadget at all times.

In addition to remote monitoring abilities, UniFi Protect cameras provide advanced capabilities inclusive of night time vision, movement detection, and -way audio communication. These functions offer improved safety and peace of thoughts, allowing customers to efficiently reveal their assets and respond to any potential threats.

Another highlight of the UniFi Protect series is its strong construction and weatherproof design. Many UniFi Protect cameras include IPX4 or IP65 ratings, making them suitable for out of doors set up and capable of withstanding harsh weather situations.

Overall, the Ubiquiti UniFi Protect series gives a comprehensive and dependable solution for all of your protection wishes. Whether you’re securing your own home, workplace, or retail area, these cameras provide the clarity, functionality, and peace of thoughts you need to guard what matters most.

Unifi Pro Cameras

For the readers who are really interested in 4K camera’s…. But wait.. there is more. Yes. Ubiquiti also offers Pro camera’s, which have better video quality. Like 4k!

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Pro Cameras offer the most effective surveillance solutions for those in search of superior capabilities and high-quality performance. With fashions like the G4 Pro, G5 Pro, and AI Pro, customers can experience unparalleled readability, versatility, and intelligence to fulfill their protection desires.

G4 Pro

  • Resolution: 4K (8MP) at as much as 50 FPS.
  • Zoom: 3x optical zoom.
  • Night Vision: IR LEDs with a 50 feet variety.

The G4 Pro sets a new wellknown for expert-grade surveillance cameras with its dazzling specs. Featuring a decision of 4K (8MP) at up to 50 frames consistent with 2d (FPS), this digital camera supplies stunningly clean and distinctive imagery, making sure that every moment is captured with precision.

One of the standout capabilities of the G4 Pro is its 3x optical zoom capability. Whether you want to awareness on a particular area or zoom in on details, this digital camera gives terrific versatility, permitting users to modify the zoom stage to in shape their surveillance needs.

Additionally, the G4 Pro is geared up with infrared (IR) LEDs with quite a number 50 feet for reliable night imaginative and prescient talents. Whether it’s monitoring a dark alleyway, a car parking zone, or a warehouse, this digital camera guarantees clear visibility even in low-mild conditions, supplying round-the-clock surveillance and peace of thoughts.

G5 Pro

  • Resolution: 4K (8MP).
  • Zoom: 3x optical zoom.
  • Night Vision: IR LEDs with an eighty two feet range.

Building upon the fulfillment of its predecessor, the G5 Pro offers stronger capabilities and abilties to fulfill the needs of modern surveillance. With a resolution of 4K (8MP), this camera offers crisp and distinct imagery, ensuring that every element is captured with readability and precision.

Like the G4 Pro, the G5 Pro features 3x optical zoom for flexible surveillance options. Whether you want to zoom in on a particular vicinity or attention on distant items, this digital camera offers top notch flexibility, ensuring that you could seize the favored field of view with no trouble.

Furthermore, the G5 Pro is geared up with IR LEDs with an outstanding range of eighty two ft for greater night time imaginative and prescient skills. Whether it’s tracking a massive outside location or a tremendous warehouse space, this camera ensures clean visibility even within the darkest of environments, presenting dependable surveillance day and night.

AI Pro

  • Resolution: 4K (8MP).
  • AI Features: People detection, license plate reading.
  • Audio: Two-manner audio capabilities.

Taking surveillance to the next level, the AI Pro offers advanced features and capabilities for wise safety answers. With a decision of 4K (8MP), this digital camera grants stunningly clean imagery, making sure that each detail is captured with precision.

The AI Pro boasts superior AI functions which includes humans detection and registration code analyzing. Whether it’s figuring out individuals, reading actions, or detecting suspicious pastime, this digital camera affords intelligent surveillance solutions tailored in your particular protection needs, making sure that no capability chance goes unnoticed.

Additionally, the AI Pro features two-manner audio capabilities, allowing users to talk with traffic or capability intruders in real-time. Whether it’s issuing warnings, supplying instructions, or responding to emergencies, this digicam affords more desirable protection and peace of mind, allowing customers to efficaciously monitor and guard their assets.


The focus of this review was primarily on the Unifi Protect cameras. However, the Dream Machine Special Edition and the Unifi 6 Access Points deserve an award on it’s own. The stability of the network is unprecedented. I can walk around whilst calling in my house, I can work from everywhere. The meshing and general stability of the whole network is absolutely insane. Yes, these come at a cost. But I’d rather pay a bit more for stability than to have to reboot my router because it keeps crashing on a daily/weekly basis.
The Dream Machine is connected directly to the optic fiber lines, without a need for a modem, thanks to the special add-on connectors for optic fiber. And it’s just fast, stable and great! And that’s only the basis.. What about the camera’s? Well… these are great as well.

The Ubiquiti UniFi Protect series offers a diverse range of cameras designed to satisfy the precise needs of residential and commercial users alike. From bullet to dome cameras, every version is crafted to supply unheard of performance, readability, and reliability, making sure peace of mind and more advantageous security for all.

With advanced features which includes night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio communication, UniFi Protect cameras provide comprehensive surveillance capabilities to keep your property safe and steady across the clock. Whether you’re monitoring a small residential assets or a massive business facility, there is a UniFi Protect digicam to suit your desires and price range.

Invest in the strength of protection with Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras and enjoy the peace of mind that includes knowing your own home is included by way of the nice within the commercial enterprise. The whole set is, is as discussed before not cheap. But… in my opinion it’s absolutely worth it. I feel saver already.

Thanks Ubiquiti and WiMood.nl for making this possible.

Protect and it’s camera’s get 5 out of 5 stars.


1. Are Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras appropriate for out of doors use?

Yes, many Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras come with weatherproof ratings, making them appropriate for outside installation.

2. Can I get right of entry to stay photos remotely with Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras?

Absolutely! With the UniFi Protect app, you could conveniently access stay pictures out of your cameras every time, anywhere.

3. Do Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras have night vision?

Yes, most models come prepared with IR LEDs for night time vision abilties, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance.

4. Are there any subscription prices related to the usage of Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras?

No, UniFi Protect cameras offer unfastened simple cloud storage for your footage, casting off the want for subscription charges. However, since not that long there is also a way to back-up video footage to a OneDrive or Google Drive storage (cloud storage).

5. Can Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras integrate with other clever home structures?

Yes, Ubiquiti UniFi Protect cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly with various smart home structures, offering enhanced convenience and capability

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