Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 s2 Review

Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 s2 – On par with theApple AirPods, or better?

Bowers & Wilkins has released the second version of the Pi5. In-ear headphones with good sound, whether the Bowers & Wilkins Pi5 s2 is as good; you can read that here.

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Edifier S1000W Review NL

Edifier S1000W

The Edifier S1000W is a really handy, nice and fun speaker to play around with. It has capabilities for Tidal, AirPlay, Spotify and more! In this review I show all the possibilities

Naim NAP 250 DR Review

Naim NAP 250 DR

That I’ve been reviewing Naim products quite often, isn’t something of a secret. Right now we’ll be looking into a different part of the Naim Series. A power amplifier, named the Naim NAP 250 DR.

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Naim Uniti Nova Review

Naim Uniti Nova

Naim has a position in the high-end market and looking at the Naim Uniti Nova it is quite obvious it is. In my previous reviews of the Atom and the Atom HE I’ve also become acquainted with the Naim Uniti lineup. The Nova is just a bit different, how different?
You can read it here!

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EPOS H6PRO Open Review

EPOS H6PRO Open and GSX300

Epos has launched a new quite competitively priced headset, the EPOS H6PRO Open. The headset slides over the counter for about € 179, - euro, is that worth it? You can read that here!

Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Review

Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless

Sennheiser released the CX 400BT True Wireless not long ago. What does Sennheiser provide and how do these earphones sound? In this review, I will find out!

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